3 Publications
Cloud repository as a malicious service: challenge, identification and implication
Liao, XiaojingLiao, XiaojingAlrwais, SumayahAlrwais, SumayahYuan, KanYuan, KanXing, LuyiXing, LuyiWang, XiaoFengWang, XiaoFengHao, ShuangHao, ShuangBeyah, Raheem and Beyah, Raheem
Cybersecurity, vol. 1, (no. 1), pp. 18, 20181200. | Journal Article
Apple ZeroConf Holes: How Hackers Can Steal iPhone Photos
Bai, XiaolongBai, XiaolongXing, LuyiXing, LuyiZhang, NanZhang, NanWang, XiaoFengWang, XiaoFengLiao, XiaojingLiao, XiaojingLi, TongxinLi, TongxinHu, Shi-Min and Hu, Shi-Min
2017. | Journal Article
Unauthorized Cross-App Resource Access on MAC OS X and iOS
Xing, LuyiXing, LuyiBai, XiaolongBai, XiaolongLi, TongxinLi, TongxinWang, XiaoFengWang, XiaoFengChen, KaiChen, KaiLiao, XiaojingLiao, XiaojingHu, Shi-MinHu, Shi-MinHan, Xinhui and Han, Xinhui
2015-05-26. | Journal Article