Our research explores the causes, assessment, and treatments of psychological, substance use, and related public health problems across the lifespan. In particular, our research leverages translational epidemiologic methods to (a) better understand the processes that account for the associations between putative causal risk factors and health problems, (b) evaluate real-world interventions, and (c) guide intervention developmental and dissemination. We have a particular interest in studying health disparities, focusing on individuals and groups who are especially vulnerable or who have been marginalized. Our research combines advances in several fields, including clinical science, developmental science, epidemiology/biostatistics, behavior genetics, and dissemination and implementation science.

My research seeks to understand the etiology, assessment, and treatment of child and adolescent psychopathology using multiple designs, including quasi-experimental designs, longitudinal research, and intervention studies. My recent research has focused on using and combining several advanced epidemiologic approaches to better understand the consequences of perinatal risk factors, particularly medications during pregnancy, and the risks and benefits of psychiatric and pain medication for the individuals themselves. Furthermore, my research is focused on better understanding health disparities, particularly among vulnerable and marginalized groups of individuals.

My research, rooted in the field of developmental psychopathology, seeks to understand the etiology, assessment, and treatment of behavioral health problems (i.e., substance use and mental health problems). My research leverages advances in clinical psychology, developmental science, epidemiology/biostatistics, medicine, genetics, and dissemination and implementation research to answer fundamental questions in the field of public health. My colleagues and I primarily use three main approaches: (1) advanced epidemiologic methods, (2) longitudinal studies, and (3) intervention studies/health services research.

I also conduct intervention and health services research, which is currently focused on how to best assess behavioral health problems in community settings, including primary care clinics, behavioral health clinics, emergency departments, educational institutions, and criminal justice settings.

Areas of Study

  • Clinical Science
  • Developmental Psychology

Research Topics

  • Developmental Psychopathology
  • Pharmacoepidemiology
  • Behavior Genetics/Genetic Epidemiology
  • Dissemination and Implementation

Subject Area

  • Psychological and Brain Sciences

Research Interests

  • developmental psychopathology; behavior genetics; family systems; children
Neuroscience, Psychology, Psychology
PhD, University of Virginia, Clinical Psychology, 2005
MA, University of Virginia, Psychology, 2002
BA, University of Virginia, Psychology, 1997
suicides & suicide attempts substance abuse clinical psychology developmental psychology psychopharmacology behavioral problems or disorders mood disorders mental health services epidemiology causal inference
Karolinska Institutet