He is one of the most prolific and versatile researchers in the field of Central Eurasian studies. Beckwith is renowned for revolutionary scholarship that reshapes understanding of how, why and when the Central Eurasian steppe peoples from Eastern Europe to East Asia influenced the development of knowledge, religious beliefs and societies, not only within their homeland but in the neighboring peripheral cultures of Europe, the Middle East, South Asia, and East Asia as well. His research focuses on the history of ancient and medieval Central Asia and the cultures of those peripheral peoples, as well as the linguistics of Aramaic, Chinese, Japanese, Koguryo, Old Tibetan, Tokharian, Old Turkic, Uzbek, and other languages.








European Studies, Classics, Asian Studies, Asian Studies, Asian Studies, Middle Eastern Studies
PhD, Indiana University Bloomington, Inner Asian Studies, 1977
MA, Indiana University Bloomington, Tibetan, 1974
BA, Ohio State University, Chinese, 1968