Research areas:

  • Language contact (Louisiana French, Welsh, Breton)
  • Lexicology and lexicography
  • Pidgins and creoles
  • Minority, regional and endangered languages

Most of my research involves three different settings where an endangered minority language is in intense contact with a socially dominant world language: Louisiana French and English, Welsh and English, and Breton and French. I am especially interested in contact-induced structural and grammatical change, such as the question of how a language's typological profile with respect to the expression of motion events (Talmy 1985) may be influenced by intense contact with a language of a different profile. I am also interested in the lexicography of minority languages, and currently I am working on an etymological/historical dictionary of Louisiana French.

At the graduate level I teach courses on language contact, lexicography, the structure of Breton, pidgin and creole linguistics, and Applied French linguistics, and I have occasionally taught Welsh through European Studies. Other interests include French historical linguistics and dialectology.

Other interests include French historical linguistics and dialectology

Research Interests: language contact (Louisiana French, Welsh, Breton); lexicography; pidgins and creoles; endangered languages

European Studies, Italian, French
PhD, Indiana University, Linguistics/French Linguistics, 1995
MA, Indiana University, French Linguistics, 1991
MA, University of Michigan, Romance Linguistics, 1990
BA, Central Michigan University, French, 1988