Mike's research can be broadly defined as computational approaches to human language and memory, and using cognitive models of human learning to develop better AI-based learning technologies.

My research is generally focused on understanding the computational mechanisms used by the brain to construct knowledge from experience.

Areas of Study

  • Cognitive Science

Research Topics

  • Computational models of memory and language
  • Big data approaches to cognitive science
  • Knowledge-based intelligent systems
  • Computational synthesis of neuroimaging data
  • Artificial intelligence; specifically swarm intelligence
  • Statistical methodology for analyzing large-scale data

My research focuses on language learning, comprehension, and knowledge representation in humans and machines.

Subject Area

  • Psychological and Brain Sciences
Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, Psychology
PhD, Queen's University, Psychology, 2005
MA, Queen's University, Psychology, 2001
BA, Nipissing University, Psychology, 1999