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Diversification of doublesex function underlies morph-, sex-, and species-specific development of beetle horns
Kijimoto, TeiyaMoczek, Armin P and Andrews, Justen
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol. 109, (no. 50), Dec 11, 2012. | Journal Article
Fine scale analysis of gene expression in Drosophila melanogaster gonads reveals Programmed cell death 4 promotes the differentiation of female germline stem cells.
Cash, Amy C and Andrews, Justen
BMC developmental biology, vol. 12, pp. 4, 2012. | Journal Article
Global Patterns of Tissue-Specific Alternative Polyadenylation in Drosophila
Smibert, PeterMiura, PedroWestholm, Jakub OShenker, SolMay, GemmaDuff, Michael OZhang, DayuEads, BrianCarlson, JoeBrown, James BEisman, Robert CAndrews, JustenKaufman, ThomasCherbas, Peter TCelniker, Susan EGraveley, Brenton R and Lai, Eric
Cell Reports, vol. 1, (no. 3), pp. 277-289, 2012. | Journal Article
The spread of a transposon insertion in Rec8 is associated with obligate asexuality in Daphnia
Eads, BrianTsuchiya, DaiAndrews, JustenLynch, Michael and Zolan, Miriam E
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA, vol. 109, (no. 3), pp. 858-863, 2012. | Journal Article
Snell Rood, Emilie CSnell-Rood, Emilie CCash, AmyCash, AmyHan, Mira VHan, Mira VKijimoto, TeiyaKijimoto, TeiyaAndrews, JustenAndrews, JustenMoczek, Armin P and Moczek, Armin P
Evolution, vol. 65, (no. 1), Jan 2011. | Journal Article
Genome-wide analysis of promoter architecture in Drosophila melanogaster.
Hoskins, Roger AHoskins, Roger ALandolin, Jane MLandolin, Jane MBrown, James BBrown, James BSandler, Jeremy ESandler, Jeremy ETakahashi, HazukiTakahashi, HazukiLassmann, TimoLassmann, TimoYu, CharlesYu, CharlesBooth, Benjamin WBooth, Benjamin WZhang, DayuZhang, DayuWan, Kenneth HWan, Kenneth HYang, LiYang, LiBoley, NathanBoley, NathanAndrews, JustenAndrews, JustenKaufman, Thomas CKaufman, Thomas CGraveley, Brenton RGraveley, Brenton RBickel, Peter JBickel, Peter JCarninci, PieroCarninci, PieroCarlson, Joseph WCarlson, Joseph WCelniker, Susan E and Celniker, Susan E
Genome research, vol. 21, (no. 2), pp. 182-92, 2011/Feb. | Journal Article
The developmental transcriptome of Drosophila melanogaster.
Graveley, Brenton RGraveley, Brenton RBrooks, Angela NBrooks, Angela NCarlson, Joseph WCarlson, Joseph WDuff, Michael ODuff, Michael OLandolin, Jane MLandolin, Jane MYang, LiYang, LiArtieri, Carlo GArtieri, Carlo GBaren, Marijke Jvan Baren, Marijke JBoley, NathanBoley, NathanBooth, Benjamin WBooth, Benjamin WBrown, James BBrown, James BCherbas, LucyCherbas, LucyDavis, Carrie ADavis, Carrie ADobin, AlexDobin, AlexLi, RenhuaLi, RenhuaLin, WeiLin, WeiMalone, John HMalone, John HMattiuzzo, Nicolas RMattiuzzo, Nicolas RMiller, DavidMiller, DavidSturgill, DavidSturgill, DavidTuch, Brian BTuch, Brian BZaleski, ChrisZaleski, ChrisZhang, DayuZhang, DayuBlanchette, MarcoBlanchette, MarcoDudoit, SandrineDudoit, SandrineEads, BrianEads, BrianGreen, Richard EGreen, Richard EHammonds, AnnHammonds, AnnJiang, LichunJiang, LichunKapranov, PhilKapranov, PhilLangton, LauraLangton, LauraPerrimon, NorbertPerrimon, NorbertSandler, Jeremy ESandler, Jeremy EWan, Kenneth HWan, Kenneth HWillingham, AarronWillingham, AarronZhang, YuZhang, YuZou, YiZou, YiAndrews, JustenAndrews, JustenBickel, Peter JBickel, Peter JBrenner, Steven EBrenner, Steven EBrent, Michael RBrent, Michael RCherbas, PeterCherbas, Peter TGingeras, ThomasGingeras, Thomas RHoskins, Roger AHoskins, Roger AKaufman, Thomas CKaufman, Thomas COliver, BrianOliver, BrianCelniker, Susan ECelniker, Susan EMattiuzzo, Nicolas RGraveley, Brenton RKaufman, Thomas CYang, LiCarlson, Joseph WGreen, Richard EBickel, Peter JBrooks, Angela NKapranov, PhilLi, RenhuaEads, BrianLin, WeiCherbas, PeterZaleski, ChrisZhang, YuBrent, Michael RAndrews, JustenArtieri, Carlo GJiang, LichunBrenner, Steven ETuch, Brian BDuff, Michael OBooth, Benjamin WMalone, John HBoley, NathanDobin, AlexPerrimon, NorbertGingeras, Thomas Rvan Baren, Marijke JTuch, Brian BBrown, James BBrenner, Steven EJiang, LichunArtieri, Carlo GAndrews, JustenBrent, Michael RZhang, YuZaleski, ChrisCherbas, PeterLin, WeiEads, BrianLi, RenhuaKapranov, PhilBrooks, Angela NBickel, Peter JGreen, Richard ECarlson, Joseph WYang, LiKaufman, Thomas CGraveley, Brenton RMattiuzzo, Nicolas RLangton, LauraZhang, DayuDavis, Carrie ACelniker, Susan EOliver, BrianSturgill, DavidLandolin, Jane MZou, YiWan, Kenneth HMiller, DavidCherbas, LucyWillingham, AarronHammonds, AnnDudoit, SandrineHoskins, Roger ABlanchette, MarcoBrown, James BSandler, Jeremy EBooth, Benjamin WDuff, Michael OMalone, John HBoley, NathanDobin, AlexPerrimon, NorbertGingeras, Thomas Rvan Baren, Marijke JSandler, Jeremy EBlanchette, MarcoHoskins, Roger ADudoit, SandrineHammonds, AnnWillingham, AarronCherbas, LucyMiller, DavidWan, Kenneth HZou, YiLandolin, Jane MSturgill, DavidOliver, BrianCelniker, Susan EDavis, Carrie AZhang, Dayu and Langton, Laura
Nature, vol. 471, (no. 7339), pp. 473-9, 2011/Mar/24. | Journal Article
The ecoresponsive genome of Daphnia pulex.
Colbourne, John KColbourne, John KPfrender, Michael EPfrender, Michael EGilbert, Donald GGilbert, DonaldThomas, William KelleyThomas, W KelleyTucker, AbrahamTucker, AbrahamOakley, Todd HOakley, ToddTokishita, ShinichiTokishita, ShinichiAerts, AndreaAerts, AndreaArnold, Georg JArnold, Georg JBasu, Malay KumarBasu, Malay KBauer, Darren JBauer, Darren JCáceres, Carla ECaceres, CarlaCáceres, Carla ECarmel, LiranCarmel, LiranCasola, ClaudioCasola, ClaudioChoi, Jeong-HyeonChoi, Jeong-HyeonDetter, John CDetter, John CDong, QunfengDong, QunfengDusheyko, SergeDusheyko, SergeEads, Brian DEads, BrianFröhlich, ThomasFröhlich, ThomasGeiler-Samerotte, Kerry AGeiler-Samerotte, Kerry AGerlach, DanielGerlach, DanielHatcher, PhilHatcher, PhilJogdeo, SanjuroJogdeo, SanjuroKrijgsveld, JeroenKrijgsveld, JeroenKriventseva, Evgenia VKriventseva, Evgenia VKultz, DietmarKültz, DietmarKültz, DietmarLaforsch, ChristianLaforsch, ChristianLindquist, ErikaLindquist, ErikaLopez, JacquelineLopez, JacquelineManak, J RobertManak, J RMuller, JeanMuller, JeanPangilinan, JasmynPangilinan, JasmynPatwardhan, Rupali PPatwardhan, Rupali PPitluck, SamuelPitluck, SamuelPritham, Ellen JPritham, Ellen JRechtsteiner, AndreasRechtsteiner, AndreasRho, MinaRho, MinaRogozin, Igor BRogozin, Igor BSakarya, OnurSakarya, OnurSalamov, AsafSalamov, AsafSchaack, SarahSchaack, SarahShapiro, HarrisShapiro, HarrisShiga, YasuhiroShiga, YasuhiroSkalitzky, CourtneySkalitzky, CourtneySmith, ZacharySmith, ZacharySouvorov, AlexanderSouvorov, AlexanderSung, WaySung, WayTang, ZuojianTang, ZuojianTsuchiya, DaiTsuchiya, DaiTu, HankTu, HankVos, HarmjanVos, HarmjanWang, MeiWang, MeiWolf, Yuri IWolf, Yuri IYamagata, HideoYamagata, HideoYamada, TakujiYamada, TakujiYe, YuzhenYe, YuzhenShaw, Joseph RShaw, JosephAndrews, JustenAndrews, JustenCrease, Teresa JCrease, Teresa JTang, HaixuTang, HaixuLucas, Susan MLucas, Susan MRobertson, Hugh MRobertson, Hugh MBork, PeerBork, PeerKoonin, Eugene VKoonin, Eugene VZdobnov, EvgenyZdobnov, Evgeny MGrigoriev, IgorGrigoriev, Igor VLynch, MichaelLynch, MichaelBoore, Jeffrey L and Boore, Jeffrey L
Science (New York, N.Y.), vol. 331, (no. 6017), pp. 555-61, 2011/Feb/4. | Journal Article
The transcriptional diversity of 25 Drosophila cell lines.
Cherbas, LucyCherbas, LucyCherbas, LucyWillingham, AarronWillingham, AarronWillingham, AarronZhang, DayuZhang, DayuZhang, DayuYang, LiYang, LiYang, LiZou, YiZou, YiZou, YiEads, Brian DEads, Brian DEads, BrianCarlson, Joseph WCarlson, Joseph WCarlson, Joseph WLandolin, Jane MLandolin, Jane MLandolin, Jane MKapranov, PhilippKapranov, PhilippKapranov, PhilippDumais, JacquelineDumais, JacquelineDumais, JacquelineSamsonova, AnastasiaSamsonova, AnastasiaSamsonova, AnastasiaChoi, Jeong-HyeonChoi, Jeong-HyeonChoi, Jeong-HyeonRoberts, JohnnyRoberts, JohnnyRoberts, JohnnyDavis, Carrie ADavis, Carrie ADavis, Carrie ATang, HaixuTang, HaixuTang, Haixuvan Baren, Marijke Jvan Baren, Marijke JBaren, Marijke JGhosh, SrinkaGhosh, SrinkaGhosh, SrinkaDobin, AlexanderDobin, AlexanderDobin, AlexanderBell, KimBell, KimBell, KimLin, WeiLin, WeiLin, WeiLangton, LauraLangton, LauraLangton, LauraDuff, Michael ODuff, Michael ODuff, Michael OTenney, Aaron ETenney, Aaron ETenney, Aaron EZaleski, ChrisZaleski, ChrisZaleski, ChrisBrent, Michael RBrent, Michael RBrent, Michael RHoskins, Roger AHoskins, Roger AHoskins, Roger AKaufman, Thomas CKaufman, Thomas CKaufman, Thomas CAndrews, JustenAndrews, JustenAndrews, JustenGraveley, Brenton RGraveley, Brenton RGraveley, Brenton RPerrimon, NorbertPerrimon, NorbertPerrimon, NorbertCelniker, Susan ECelniker, Susan ECelniker, Susan EGingeras, Thomas RGingeras, ThomasGingeras, Thomas RCherbas, Peter TCherbas, Peter and Cherbas, Peter
Genome research, vol. 21, (no. 2), pp. 301-14, 2011/Feb. | Journal Article
Gene discovery in the horned beetle Onthophagus taurus.
Choi, Jeong-HyeonChoi, Jeong-HyeonKijimoto, TeiyaKijimoto, TeiyaSnell Rood, EmilieSnell-Rood, EmilieTae, HongseokTae, HongseokYang, YoungikYang, YoungikMoczek, Armin PMoczek, Armin PAndrews, Justen and Andrews, Justen
BMC genomics, vol. 11, pp. 703, 2010. | Journal Article
Identification of functional elements and regulatory circuits by Drosophila modENCODE.
Roy, SushmitaRoy, SushmitaErnst, JasonErnst, JasonKharchenko, PeterKharchenko, PeterKheradpour, PouyaKheradpour, PouyaNegre, NicolasNegre, NicolasEaton, MatthewEaton, Matthew LLandolin, JaneLandolin, Jane MBristow, Christopher ABristow, ChristopherMa, LijiaMa, LijiaLin, MichaelLin, Michael FWashietl, StefanWashietl, StefanArshinoff, Bradley IArshinoff, BradleyAy, FerhatAy, FerhatMeyer, PatrickMeyer, Patrick ERobine, NicolasRobine, NicolasWashington, Nicole LWashington, NicoleDi Stefano, LuisaStefano, LuisaBerezikov, EugeneBerezikov, EugeneBrown, ChristopherBrown, Christopher DCandeias, RogerioCandeias, RogerioCarlson, Joseph WCarlson, JosephCarr, AdrianCarr, AdrianJungreis, IrwinJungreis, IrwinMarbach, DanielMarbach, DanielSealfon, RachelSealfon, RachelTolstorukov, Michael YTolstorukov, MichaelWill, SebastianWill, SebastianAlekseyenko, Artyom AAlekseyenko, ArtyomArtieri, CarloArtieri, CarloBooth, Benjamin WBooth, BenjaminBrooks, Angela NBrooks, AngelaDai, QiDai, QiDavis, CarrieDavis, Carrie ADuff, Michael ODuff, MichaelFeng, XinFeng, XinGorchakov, Andrey AGorchakov, AndreyGu, TingtingGu, TingtingHenikoff, Jorja GHenikoff, JorjaKapranov, PhilippKapranov, PhilippLi, RenhuaLi, RenhuaMacAlpine, Heather KMacAlpine, HeatherMalone, JohnMalone, JohnMinoda, AkiMinoda, AkiNordman, JaredNordman, JaredOkamura, KatsutomoOkamura, KatsutomoPerry, MarcPerry, MarcPowell, Sara KPowell, SaraRiddle, NicoleRiddle, Nicole CSakai, AkikoSakai, AkikoSamsonova, AnastasiaSamsonova, AnastasiaSandler, JeremySandler, Jeremy ESchwartz, YuriSchwartz, Yuri BSher, NoaSher, NoaSpokony, RebeccaSpokony, RebeccaSturgill, DavidSturgill, Davidvan Baren, MarijkeBaren, MarijkeBaren, M.Wan, KennethWan, Kenneth HYang, LiYang, LiYu, CharlesYu, CharlesFeingold, EliseFeingold, EliseGood, PeterGood, PeterGuyer, MarkGuyer, MarkLowdon, RebeccaLowdon, RebeccaAhmad, KamiAhmad, KamiAndrews, JustenAndrews, JustenBerger, BonnieBerger, BonnieBrenner, Steven EBrenner, StevenBrent, MichaelBrent, Michael RCherbas, LucyCherbas, LucyElgin, SarahElgin, Sarah CGingeras, ThomasGingeras, ThomasGrossman, RobertGrossman, Robert LHoskins, RogerHoskins, Roger AKaufman, ThomasKaufman, Thomas CKent, WilliamKent, WilliamKuroda, MitziKuroda, MitziOrr-Weaver, TerryOrr Weaver, Terry LPerrimon, NorbertPerrimon, NorbertPirrotta, VincenzoPirrotta, VincenzoPosakony, JamesPosakony, James WRen, BingRen, BingRussell, StevenRussell, SteveCherbas, PeterCherbas, Peter TGraveley, BrentonGraveley, Brenton RLewis, SuzannaLewis, Suzanna EMicklem, GosMicklem, GosOliver, BrianOliver, BrianPark, PeterPark, Peter JCelniker, Susan ECelniker, SusanHenikoff, StevenHenikoff, StevenKarpen, GaryKarpen, Gary HLai, EricLai, EricMac Alpine, DavidMacAlpine, DavidStein, Lincoln DStein, LincolnWhite, KevinWhite, Kevin PKellis, ManolisKellis, ManolisBooth, B.Samsonova, A.A.Baren, M.Gingeras, T.R.Hoskins, R.A.Comstock, C.L.G.Dobin, A.Drenkow, J.Dudoit, S.Dumais, J.Fagegaltier, D.Ghosh, S.Hansen, K.D.Jha, S.Langton, L.Lin, W.Miller, D.Tenney, A.E.Wang, H.Willingham, A.T.Zaleski, C.Zhang, D.Acevedo, D.Bishop, E.P.Gadel, S.E.Jung, Y.L.Kennedy, C.D.Lee, O.-K.Linder-Basso, D.Marchetti, S.E.Shanower, G.Nègre, N.Grossman, R.L.Auburn, R.Bellen, H.J.Chen, J.Domanus, M.H.Hanley, D.Heinz, E.Li, Z.Meyer, F.Miller, S.W.Morrison, C.A.Scheftner, D.A.Senderowicz, L.Shah, P.K.Suchy, S.Tian, F.Venken, K.J.T.White, R.Wilkening, J.Zieba, J.Nordman, J.T.Orr-Weaver, T.L.DeNapoli, L.C.Ding, Q.Eng, T.Kashevsky, H.Li, S.Prinz, J.A.Dai, Q.Hannon, G.J.Hirst, M.Marra, M.Rooks, M.Zhao, Y.Bryson, T.D.Perry, M.D.Kent, W.J.Lewis, S.E.Barber, G.Chateigner, A.Clawson, H.Contrino, S.Guillier, F.Hinrichs, A.S.Kephart, E.T.Lloyd, P.Lyne, R.McKay, S.Moore, R.A.Mungall, C.Rutherford, K.M.Ruzanov, P.Smith, R.Stinson, E.O.Zha, Z.Artieri, C.G.Malone, J.H.Jiang, L.Mattiuzzo, N.Feingold, E.A.Good, P.J.Guyer, M.S. and Lowdon, R.F.
Science (New York, N.Y.), vol. 330, (no. 6012), pp. 1787-97, 2010/Dec/24. | Journal Article
Identification of functional elements and regulatory circuits by Drosophila modENCODE.
modENCODERoy, S.ConsortiumRobine, NicolasRoy, SushmitaRoy, S.Ernst, J.Roy, SushmitaRoy, SushmitaErnst, J.Roy, SushmitaErnst, JasonRoy, SushmitaErnst, JasonErnst, JasonErnst, JasonKharchenko, P.V.Ernst, JasonKharchenko, Peter VKharchenko, P.V.Kharchenko, Peter VKheradpour, P.Kharchenko, Peter VKheradpour, PouyaKheradpour, P.Kharchenko, PeterKharchenko, Peter VKheradpour, PouyaKheradpour, PouyaNegre, N.Negre, NicolasKheradpour, PouyaNegre, N.Kheradpour, PouyaEaton, M.L.Eaton, Matthew LNegre, NicolasEaton, M.L.Negre, NicolasNegre, NicolasNegre, NicolasLandolin, J.M.Eaton, Matthew LLandolin, Jane MEaton, MatthewEaton, Matthew LLandolin, J.M.Eaton, Matthew LLandolin, Jane MBristow, C.A.Bristow, C.A.Landolin, Jane MLandolin, JaneLandolin, Jane MBristow, Christopher ABristow, ChristopherBristow, Christopher AMa, L.Bristow, Christopher AMa, L.Ma, LijiaBristow, Christopher AMa, LijiaMa, LijiaMa, LijiaLin, M.F.Lin, M.F.Lin, Michael FMa, LijiaLin, Michael FLin, MichaelothersLin, Michael 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