Over the past 40 years, Professor Peters' research, more of which is described elsewhere, has focused principally on the electrochemical behavior of halogenated organic compounds, especially alkyl halides, acetylenic halides, and acyl halides. More recently, he and his group have been investigating the use of transition-metal complexes as homogeneous-phase and polymer-bound catalysts for the reduction and oxidation of organic species.

  1. practical electrosynthesis
  2. remediation of environmental pollutants
  3. discovery of new transition-metal catalysts
  4. development of new electrode systems such as polymer-coated electrodes, semiconductor electrodes, and modified platinum, palladium, and silver cathodes
  5. development of new media for electrochemistry such as room-temperature ionic liquids
PhD, Harvard University, Analytical chemistry, 1962
BS, California Institute of Technology, 1958
education natural and physical sciences, mathematics and technology chemistry mathematics astronomy physics