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Primary cilia in osteoblasts and osteocytes are required for skeletal development and mechanotransduction
Author Correction: Moderate Nrf2 Activation by Genetic Disruption of Keap1 Has Sex-Specific Effects on Bone Mass in Mice
Scientific Reports. | Journal Article
Moderate Nrf2 Activation by Genetic Disruption of Keap1 Has Sex-Specific Effects on Bone Mass in Mice
Yin, YukunCorry, Kylie A.Loughran, John P. and Li, Jiliang
Scientific Reports, vol. 10. | Journal Article
Improving Post-Operative Outcomes in Aged and Diabetic Obese Mice
Szilagyi, KeelyZieger, Michael ALi, Jiliang and Kacena, Melissa A
Laboratory animal science professional, vol. 6, (no. 3), pp. 65, 2018-Sep. | Journal Article
Time course of disassociation of bone formation signals with bone mass and bone strength in sclerostin antibody treated ovariectomized rats
Ma, YanfeiHamang, MatthewLucchesi, JonathanBivi, NicolettaZeng, QianqiangAdrian, MaryRaines, SarahLi, JiliangKuhstoss, StuartObungu, VictorBryant, Henry and Krishnan, Venkatesh
Bone, vol. 97, pp. 28, 2016. | Journal Article
Role of Nrf2 in bone metabolism
Sun, Yong-XinXu, Ai-HuaYang, Yang and Li, Jiliang
Journal of biomedical science, vol. 22, (no. 1), pp. 101, 2015-Oct-29. | Journal Article
The Axolotl Fibula as a Model for the Induction of Regeneration across Large Segment Defects in Long Bones of the Extremities
Chen, XiaopingChen, XiaopingChen, XiaopingChen, XiaopingChen, X.Song, F.Song, FengyuSong, FengyuSong, FengyuSong, FengyuJhamb, DeepaliJhamb, D.Jhamb, DeepaliJhamb, DeepaliJhamb, DeepaliLi, JiliangLi, JiliangLi, JiliangLi, JiliangLi, J.Bottino, MarcoBottino, M.C.Bottino, Marco CBottino, Marco CBottino, Marco CPalakal, Mathew JPalakal, M.J.Palakal, Mathew JPalakal, MathewPalakal, Mathew JStocum, David LStocum, David LStocum, David LStocum, David and Stocum, D.L.
PloS one, vol. 10, (no. 6), pp. e0130819, 2015-00-00. | Journal Article
RhoA-mediated signaling in mechanotransduction of osteoblasts.
Hamamura, KazunoriSwarnkar, GauravTanjung, NancyCho, EunhyeLi, JiliangNa, Sungsoo and Yokota, Hiroki
Connective tissue research, vol. 53, (no. 5), pp. 398-406, 2012. | Journal Article
Blood Vessel Wall-Derived Endothelial Colony-Forming Cells Enhance Fracture Repair and Bone Regeneration
Chandrasekhar, Kaarthik SZhou, HongkangZeng, PingyuAlge, DanielLi, WenyaoFinney, Brandt AYoder, Mervin C and Li, Jiliang
Calcified Tissue International, vol. 89, (no. 5), pp. 347-57, Nov 2011. | Journal Article
Contrast-enhanced micro-computed tomography of fatigue microdamage accumulation in human cortical bone.
Landrigan, Matthew DLi, JiliangTurnbull, Travis LBurr, David BNiebur, Glen L and Roeder, Ryan K
Bone, vol. 48, (no. 3), pp. 443-50, 2011/Mar/1. | Journal Article
Osteoblast/osteocyte-specific inactivation of Stat3 decreases load-driven bone formation and accumulates reactive oxygen species
Zhou, HongkangNewnum, America BMartin, Joseph RLi, PingNelson, Mark TMoh, AkiraFu, Xin-YuanYokota, Hiroki and Li, Jiliang
Bone, vol. 49, (no. 3), pp. 404-411, 2011. | Journal Article
Glucocorticoid Attenuates the Anabolic Effects of Parathyroid Hormone on Fracture Repair
Doyon, Anthony RFerries, Ian K and Li, Jiliang
Calcified Tissue International, vol. 87, (no. 1), pp. 68-76, Jul 2010. | Journal Article
Parathyroid hormone and bisphosphonate have opposite effects on stress fracture repair.
Sloan, Ashley VMartin, Joseph RLi, Shuo and Li, Jiliang
Bone, vol. 47, (no. 2), pp. 235-40, 2010/Aug. | Journal Article
P2X7 Nucleotide Receptor Plays an Important Role in Callus Remodeling During Fracture Repair
Li, JiliangMeyer, RachelDuncan, Randall L and Turner, Charles H
Calcified Tissue International, vol. 84, (no. 5), pp. 405-412, May 2009. | Journal Article
Activation of extracellular-signal regulated kinase (ERK1/2) by fluid shear is Ca(2+)- and ATP-dependent in MC3T3-E1 osteoblasts.
Liu, DaweiGenetos, DamianShao, YingGeist, Derik JLi, JiliangKe, Hua ZTurner, Charles H and Duncan, Randall L
Bone, vol. 42, (no. 4), pp. 644-52, 2008/Apr. | Journal Article
Low-intensity pulsed ultrasound and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs have opposing effects during stress fracture repair.
Li, JiliangLi, JiliangWaugh, Lauren JWaugh, Lauren JHui, Siu LHui, Siu LBurr, David BBurr, David BWarden, Stuart J and Warden, Stuart J
Journal of orthopaedic research : official publication of the Orthopaedic Research Society, vol. 25, (no. 12), pp. 1559-67, 2007/Dec. | Journal Article
Risedronate and alendronate suppress osteocyte apoptosis following cyclic fatigue loading
Follet, H.Li, JiliangPhipps, RJHui, Siu LCondon, K. and Burr, David B
Bone, vol. 40, (no. 4), pp. 1172-1177, 2007. | Journal Article
Bisphosphonates suppress periosteal osteoblast activity independently of resorption in rat femur and tibia.
Iwata, KenLi, JiliangFollet, HelenePhipps, Roger J and Burr, David B
Bone, vol. 39, (no. 5), pp. 1053-8, 2006/Nov. | Journal Article
The P2X7 nucleotide receptor mediates skeletal mechanotransduction.
Li, JiliangLiu, DaweiKe, Hua ZDuncan, Randall L and Turner, Charles H
STAR, vol. 44, (no. 5), 2006. | Journal Article
The Wnt Co-receptor LRP5 Is Essential for Skeletal Mechanotransduction but Not for the Anabolic Bone Response to Parathyroid Hormone Treatment
Sawakami, KimihikoRobling, AlexanderAi, MinrongPitner, Nathaniel DLiu, DaweiWarden, Stuart JLi, JiliangMaye, PeterRowe, David WDuncan, Randall LWarman, Matthew L and Turner, Charles H
Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol. 281, (no. 33), pp. 23698-23711, 2006. | Journal Article
Bone Adaptation to a Mechanical Loading Program Significantly Increases Skeletal Fatigue Resistance
Warden, Stuart JWarden, Stuart JHurst, Julie AHurst, JASanders, MSSanders, Megan STurner, Charles HTurner, Charles HBurr, David BBurr, David BLi, J. and Li, Jiliang
Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, vol. 20, (no. 5), pp. 816, May 2005. | Journal Article
Exercise-induced Bone Adaptation Significantly Increases Skeletal Fatigue Resistance
Warden, Stuart JWarden, Stuart JWarden, Stuart JHurst, Julie AHurst, Julie AHurst, Julie ASanders, Megan SSanders, Megan SSanders, Megan STurner, Charles HTurner, Charles HTurner, Charles HBurr, David BBurr, David BBurr, David BLi, JiliangLi, Jiliang and Li, Jiliang
Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, vol. 37, (no. Supplement), pp. S452, 2005-05-00. | Journal Article
Imaging bone microdamage in vivo with positron emission tomography
Li, JiliangMiller, MAHutchins, Gd and Burr, David B
Bone, vol. 37, (no. 6), pp. 819-824, 2005. | Journal Article
Microdamage accumulation in the monkey vertebra does not occur when bone turnover is suppressed by 50% or less with estrogen or raloxifene.
Li, JiliangSato, MasahikoJerome, ChrisTurner, Charles HFan, Zaifeng and Burr, David B
Journal of bone and mineral metabolism, vol. 23 Suppl, pp. 48-54, 2005. | Journal Article
Neurofibromin and its inactivation of Ras are prerequisites for osteoblast functioning.
Yu, XChen, SPotter, O LMurthy, S MLi, JiliangPulcini, J MOhashi, NWinata, TEverett, E TIngram, DClapp, W D and Hock, Janet M
Bone, vol. 36, (no. 5), pp. 793-802, 2005/May. | Journal Article