Research interests:

  • First and second language acquisition
  • Bilingualism and cognition
  • Syntax, morphology, lexical semantics
  • Language Attrition
  • Biocultural Diversity

My main research area is the acquisition of syntax and lexical semantics. I am interested in universal aspects of word meaning that play a role in grammar across languages. Other areas of research interest include World Englishes (especially in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa), language attrition (in joint work with Kathleen Bardovi-Harlig), and biocultural diversity (linking language revitalization in indigenous cultures to the conservation of ecosystems). My interests extend to all formal aspects of second language acquisition and multilingualism, and I enjoy working with students on a wide range of projects.

Research Interests:

  • First and second language acquisition
  • Syntax, morphology, lexical semantics
  • World Englishes
  • Language Attrition
  • Biocultural Diversity

Research: First and second language acquisition; Syntax, morphology, lexical semantics; World Englishes; Language Attrition; Biocultural Diversity

Research Area:

  • Human Environment Interaction and Sustainability

Research Interests: first and second language acquisition; L2 syntax and lexical semantics; L2 attrition; world englishes

Research Areas:

  • Acquisition; language and spatial cognition; Japanese linguistics
Past Affiliations
Language Studies, Asian Studies, Cognitive Science
PhD, Durham University, Linguistics, 2005
MA, Durham University, Language Acquisition, 1998
BA, University of Manchester, Hispanic Studies, 1991