Areas of Interest:

  • Landscape-level conservation
  • Conservation under climate change
  • Ecology and management of rare species
  • Integrating ecosystem research and endangered species management within adaptive management

Dr. Vicky Meretsky teaches conservation biology, climate change impacts on natural resources, graduate statistics, and graduate capstone courses.

Meretsky studies conservation science and policy at both single-species and landscape scales. Her research interests include conservation planning, ecology of rare species, integrating ecosystem and endangered species management with adaptive management, and impacts of climate change on each. Current research areas include conservation planning on public lands, impacts of state and federal planting policies on managed relocation under climate change, and methods of improving teaching and training of graduate students of science and policy. Previously Meretsky conducted research on California condors, Egyptian vultures, Indiana bats, and endangered species of the Grand Canyon including humpback chub and the Kanab ambersnail. Other experience includes studying northern spotted owls and conducting aerial videography of Arizona riparian areas and the Santa Clara wetland of Mexico.

Professor Meretsky is a conservation biologist with research interests at both the single species and landscape scale.

Professor Meretsky's research interests include ecology of rare species, demographic and spatial population models, temporal patterns in biodiversity as a function of physical and biotic environmental variables, and integrating ecosystem research and endangered species management with adaptive management.

Current research includes modeling processes relating to deforestation and reforestation of Indiana a co-PI on an NSF Biocomplexity grant, demographic modeling of California condors, ecosystem conservation of an acid seep system in southern Indiana, study of short- and long-term patterns of vegetation change at seeps and springs on the Colorado Plateau, and research on conservation potential of reclaimed mines. Professor Meretsky teaches applied ecology, conservation biology, and field techniques in ecology.

Area: Energy Policy

Environmental Science, Environmental Policy, Biological Science, Law, Russian, Public Administration, Landscape Architecture
PhD, University of Arizona, Wildlife Ecology, 1995
MS, University of Arizona, Statistics, 1993
MS, Humboldt State University, Wildlife Ecology, 1988
BS, Cornell University, Biological Sciences, 1980
community ecology conservation biology landscape ecology terrestrial ecology
French, Spanish