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Gramates, L SianGramates, L SAgapite, JulieAgapite, JulieAttrill, HelenAttrill, HelenCalvi, Brian RCalvi, Brian RCrosby, Madeline ACrosby, Madeline ASantos, GilbertoGoodman, Joshua LGoodman, Joshua LGoutte-Gattat, DamienGoutte-Gattat, DamienJenkins, Victoria KJenkins, Victoria KKaufman, ThomasKaufman, ThomasLarkin, AoifeLarkin, AoifeMatthews, Beverley BMatthews, Beverley BMillburn, GillianMillburn, GillianStrelets, Victor B and Strelets, Victor B
Genetics, vol. 220, (no. 4), Apr 2022. | Journal Article
A Cyclin A—Myb-MuvB—Aurora B network regulates the choice between mitotic cycles and polyploid endoreplication cycles
Rotelli, MichaelRotelli, Michael DRotelli, Michael DPolicastro, Robert APolicastro, Robert APolicastro, RobertBolling, Anna MBolling, AnnaBolling, Anna MKillion, Andrew WKillion, AndrewKillion, Andrew WWeinberg, Abraham JWeinberg, Abraham JWeinberg, AbrahamDixon, Michael JDixon, MichaelDixon, Michael JZentner, Gabriel EZentner, GabrielZentner, Gabriel EWalczak, Claire EWalczak, ClaireWalczak, Claire ELilly, MaryLilly, Mary ALilly, Mary ACalvi, Brian RCalvi, Brian R and Calvi, Brian
PLoS Genetics, Jul 2019. | Journal Article
The Alliance of Genome Resources: Building a Modern Data Ecosystem for Model Organism Databases
Bult, Carol JBult, CarolBult, Carol J.Blake, Judith ABlake, JudithBlake, Judith A.Calvi, Brian RCalvi, BrianCalvi, Brian R.Cherry, J. MichaelCherry, JCherry, J MDiFrancesco, ValentinaDiFrancesco, ValentinaDiFrancesco, ValentinaFullem, RobertFullem, RobertFullem, RobertHowe, Kevin L.Howe, Kevin LHowe, KevinKaufman, ThomKaufman, ThomKaufman, ThomMungall, ChrisMungall, ChrisMungall, ChrisPerrimon, NorbertPerrimon, NorbertPerrimon, Norbertal.Shimoyama, MaryShimoyama, MarySternberg, PaulSternberg, Paul WThomas, PaulThomas, PaulWesterfield, Monte and Westerfield, Monte
Genetics, vol. 213, (no. 4), pp. 1196, 2019-12-00. | Journal Article
Drosophila p53 integrates the antagonism between autophagy and apoptosis in response to stress.
Robin, MarionIssa, Abdul RaoufSantos, Cristiana CNapoletano, FrancescoPetitgas, CélineChatelain, GillesRuby, MathildeWalter, LudivineBirman, SergeDomingos, Pedro MCalvi, Brian R and Mollereau, Bertrand
Autophagy, December 19, 2018. | Journal Article
Model organism data evolving in support of translational medicine.
Howe, Douglas GHowe, Douglas GHowe, Douglas GBlake, Judith ABlake, Judith ABlake, Judith ABradford, Yvonne MBradford, Yvonne MBradford, Yvonne MBult, Carol JBult, Carol JBult, Carol JCalvi, Brian RCalvi, Brian RCalvi, Brian REngel, Stacia REngel, Stacia REngel, Stacia RKadin, James AKadin, James AKadin, James AKaufman, Thomas CKaufman, Thomas CKaufman, Thomas CKishore, RanjanaKishore, RanjanaKishore, RanjanaLaulederkind, Stanley J FLaulederkind, Stanley JLaulederkind, Stanley J FLewis, Suzanna ELewis, Suzanna ELewis, Suzanna EMoxon, Sierra A TMoxon, Sierra A TMoxon, Sierra ARichardson, Joel ERichardson, Joel ERichardson, Joel ESmith, CynthiaSmith, Cynthia and Smith, Cynthia
Lab animal, September 17, 2018. | Journal Article
Incompatibility between mitochondrial and nuclear genomes during oogenesis results in ovarian failure and embryonic lethality
Zhang, ChunyangZhang, ChunyangMontooth, Kristi LMontooth, Kristi LCalvi, Brian R and Calvi, Brian R
Development (Cambridge, England), vol. 144, (no. 13), pp. 2503, 2017-07-01. | Journal Article
Rapid DNA Synthesis During Early Drosophila Embryogenesis Is Sensitive to Maternal Humpty Dumpty Protein Function
Lesly, SheraBandura, Jennifer L and Calvi, Brian R
Genetics, vol. 207, (no. 3), pp. 947, 2017-11-00. | Journal Article
Different cell cycle modifications repress apoptosis at different steps independent of developmental signaling in Drosophila.
Qi, Suozhi and Calvi, Brian R
Molecular biology of the cell, vol. 27, (no. 12), pp. 1885-1897, June 15, 2016. | Journal Article
The Histone Variant H3.3 Is Enriched at Drosophila Amplicon Origins but Does Not Mark Them for Activation
Paranjape, Neha P and Calvi, Brian R
G3 (Bethesda, Md.), vol. 6, (no. 6), pp. 1671, 2016-06-01. | Journal Article
Transient endoreplication down-regulates the kinesin-14 HSET and contributes to genomic instability
Chen, ShengyaoChen, ShengyaoStout, Jane RStout, Jane RDharmaiah, SathiyaDharmaiah, SathiyaYde, SarahYde, SarahCalvi, Brian RCalvi, Brian RWalczak, Claire E and Walczak, Claire E
Molecular biology of the cell, vol. 27, (no. 19), pp. 2923, 2016-10-01. | Journal Article
DNA sequence templates adjacent nucleosome and ORC sites at gene amplification origins in Drosophila.
Liu, JunLiu, JunZimmer, KurtZimmer, KurtRusch, Douglas BRusch, Douglas BParanjape, NehaParanjape, NehaPodicheti, RamPodicheti, RamTang, HaixuTang, HaixuCalvi, Brian R and Calvi, Brian R
Nucleic acids research, vol. 43, (no. 18), pp. 8746-8761, October 15, 2015. | Journal Article
The function of Drosophila p53 isoforms in apoptosis
Zhang, BRotelli, MDixon, M and Calvi, B
Cell Death and Differentiation, vol. 22, (no. 12), pp. 2058-2067, Dec 2015. | Journal Article
Calvi, Brian R
Cell Cycle, vol. 13, (no. 15), pp. 2322, 8/1/2014. | Journal Article
HBO1:JADE1 at the cell cycle chromatin crossroads.
Calvi, Brian R
July 17, 2014
Induction of endocycles represses apoptosis independently of differentiation and predisposes cells to genome instability.
Hassel, ChristianeZhang, BingqingDixon, Michael and Calvi, Brian R
Development (Cambridge, England), vol. 141, (no. 1), pp. 112-23, 2014/Jan. | Journal Article
Low levels of p53 protein and chromatin silencing of p53 target genes repress apoptosis in Drosophila endocycling cells.
Zhang, BingqingMehrotra, SonamNg, Wei Lun and Calvi, Brian R
PLoS genetics, vol. 10, (no. 9), pp. e1004581, September 2014. | Journal Article
Making big cells: one size does not fit all.
Calvi, Brian R
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol. 110, (no. 24), pp. 9621-2, 2013/Jun/11. | Journal Article
Analysis of model replication origins in Drosophila reveals new aspects of the chromatin landscape and its relationship to origin activity and the prereplicative complex.
Liu, JunMcConnell, KristopherDixon, Michael and Calvi, Brian R
Molecular biology of the cell, vol. 23, (no. 1), pp. 200-12, 2012/Jan. | Journal Article
The histone acetyltransferases CBP and Chameau integrate developmental and DNA replication programs in Drosophila ovarian follicle cells.
McConnell, Kristopher HDixon, Michael and Calvi, Brian R
Development (Cambridge, England), vol. 139, (no. 20), pp. 3880-90, 2012/Oct. | Journal Article
Dampened activity of E2F1-DP and Myb-MuvB transcription factors in Drosophila endocycling cells.
Maqbool, ShahinaMehrotra, SonamKolpakas, AlexisDurden, ChrisZhang, BingqingZhong, Hua and Calvi, Brian R
Journal of cell science, vol. 123, (no. Pt 23), pp. 4095-106, 2010/Dec/1. | Journal Article
Endocycling cells do not apoptose in responsed to DNA replicastion genotoxic stress
Mehrotra, SonamMaqbool, ShahinaKolpakas, AlexisMurnen, Katherine and Calvi, Brian
Genes & Development, vol. 22, (no. 22), pp. 3158, 20081115. | Journal Article
Endocycling cells do not apoptose in response to DNA rereplication genotoxic stress
Mehrotra, SonamMaqbool, ShahinaKolpakas, AlexisMurnen, Katherine and Calvi, Brian R
Genes & Development, vol. 22, (no. 22), pp. 3158-3171, 2008. | Journal Article
Conservation of Epigenetic Regulation, ORC Binding and Developmental Timing of DNA Replication Origins in the Genus Drosophila
Calvi, Brian RByrnes, B A and Kolpakas, A J
Genetics, vol. 177, (no. 3), pp. 1291-301, Nov 2007. | Journal Article
Developmental and cell cycle regulation of the Drosophila histone locus body.
White, Anne ELeslie, Michelle ECalvi, Brian RMarzluff, William F and Duronio, Robert J
Molecular biology of the cell, vol. 18, (no. 7), pp. 2491-502, 2007/Jul. | Journal Article
Evolution of genes and genomes on the Drosophila phylogeny.
Clark, Andrew GClark, Andrew GEisen, Michael BEisen, Michael BSmith, Douglas RSmith, Douglas RBergman, CaseyOliver, BrianBergman, Casey MMarkow, ThereseOliver, BrianKaufman, Thomas CMarkow, Therese AKaufman, Thomas CKellis, ManolisKellis, ManolisGelbart, William MIyer, Venky NGelbart, WilliamPollard, Daniel AIyer, Venky NPollard, Daniel ASackton, TimothyLarracuente, AmandaSackton, Timothy BSingh, NadiaLarracuente, Amanda MSingh, Nadia DAbad, Jose PAbad, Jose PAbt, Dawn NAdryan, BorisAbt, Dawn NAguade, MontserratAdryan, BorisAguade, MontserratAkashi, HiroshiAnderson, Wyatt WAkashi, HiroshiAnderson, Wyatt WAquadro, Charles FArdell, D. HAquadro, Charles FArdell, David HArguello, Jacob RArguello, RomanArtieri, Carlo GArtieri, Carlo GBarbash, Daniel ABarker, DanielBarbash, Daniel ABarker, DanielBarsanti, PaoloBarsanti, PaoloBatterham, PhilipBatterham, PhilBatzoglou, SerafimBatzoglou, SerafimBegun, David JBegun, DaveBhutkar, ArjunBlanco, EnricoBhutkar, ArjunBosak, Stephanie ABlanco, EnricoBradley, Robert KBosak, Stephanie ABrand, Adrianne DBradley, Robert KBrand, Adrianne DBrent, Michael RBrent, Michael RBrooks, Angela NBrooks, Angela NBrown, RandallButlin, Roger KBrown, Randall HCaggese, CorradoButlin, Roger KCaggese, CorradoCalvi, Brian RBernardo de Carvalho, ABernardo De Carvalho, A.Calvi, Brian RCaspi, AnatBernardo de Carvalho, ACaspi, AnatCastrezana, SergioCelniker, Susan ECastrezana, SergioChang, Jean LCelniker, Susan EChang, Jean LChapple, CharlesChatterji, SouravChapple, CharlesChatterji, SouravChinwalla, AsifCivetta, AlbertoChinwalla, AsifClifton, Sandra WCivetta, AlbertoClifton, Sandra WComeron, Josep MComeron, Josep MCostello, James CCoyne, Jerry ACostello, James CCoyne, Jerry ADaub, JenniferDaub, JenniferDavid, Robert GDavid, Robert GDelcher, Arthur LDelehaunty, KimDelcher, Arthur LDo, Chuong BDelehaunty, KimDo, Chuong BEbling, HeatherEbling, HeatherEdwards, Kevin AEickbush, Thomas HEdwards, KevinEvans, Jay DEickbush, ThomasEvans, Jay DFilipski, AlanFilipski, AlanFindeiß, SvenFreyhult, EvaFindeiss, SvenFulton, LucindaFreyhult, EvaFulton, RobertFulton, RobertGarcia, Ana CGardiner, AnastasiaGarcia, Ana C LGardiner, AnastasiaGarfield, David AGarvin, Barry EGarfield, David AGibson, GregoryGarvin, Barry EGibson, GregGilbert, Donald GGnerre, SanteGilbert, DonGodfrey, JenniferGnerre, SanteGodfrey, JenniferGood, RobertGood, RobertGotea, ValerGravely, BrentonGotea, ValerGravely, BrentonGreenberg, AnthonyGriffiths-Jones, SamGreenberg, Anthony JGross, SamuelGriffiths-Jones, SamGuigo, RodericGross, SamuelGuigo, RodericGustafson, Erik AGustafson, Erik AHaerty, WilfriedHahn, MatthewHaerty, WilfriedHahn, Matthew WHalligan, Daniel LHalpern, Aaron LHalligan, Daniel LHalpern, Aaron LHalter, Gillian MHalter, Gillian MHan, MiraHeger, AndreasHan, Mira VHillier, La DeanaHeger, AndreasHinrichs, Angie SHillier, LaDeanaHolmes, IanHinrichs, Angie SHolmes, IanHoskins, Roger AHubisz, Melissa JHoskins, Roger AHubisz, Melissa JHultmark, DanHuntley, MelanieHultmark, DanJaffe, David BHuntley, Melanie AJaffe, David BJagadeeshan, SantoshJagadeeshan, SantoshJeck, William RJohnson, JustinJeck, William RJones, Corbin DJohnson, JustinJones, Corbin DJordan, William CKarpen, Gary HJordan, William CKataoka, EikoKarpen, Gary HKeightley, Peter DKataoka, EikoKeightley, Peter DKheradpour, PouyaKirkness, EwenKheradpour, PouyaKirkness, Ewen FKoerich, Leonardo BKristiansen, KarstenKoerich, Leonardo BKudrna, DaveKristiansen, KarstenKudrna, DaveKulathinal, RobKumar, SudhirKulathinal, Rob JKwok, RobertaKumar, SudhirLander, Eric SKwok, RobertaLander, EricLangley, Charles HLapoint, RickLangley, Charles HLapoint, RichardLazzaro, Brian PLee, So-JeongLazzaro, Brian PLevesque, LisaLee, So-JeongLi, RuiqiangLevesque, LisaLi, RuiqiangLin, Chiao-FengLin, Michael FLindblad-Toh, KerstinLin, Michael FLindblad-Toh, KerstinLlopart, AnaLong, ManyuanLlopart, AnaLow, LloydLong, ManyuanLow, LloydLozovsky, ElenaLu, JianLozovsky, ElenaLu, JianLuo, MeizhongLuo, MeizhongMachado, Carlos AMakalowski, WojciechMachado, Carlos AMarzo, MarMakalowski, WojciechMatsuda, MuneoMarzo, MarMatsuda, MuneoMatzkin, LucianoMc Allister, BryantMatzkin, LucianoMcBride, Carolyn SMcAllister, BryantMc Bride, Carolyn SMcKernan, BrendanMcKernan, KevinMcKernan, KevinMendez-Lago, MariaMinx, PatrickMendez-Lago, MariaMollenhauer, Michael UMinx, PatrickMollenhauer, Michael UMontooth, KristiMount, Stephen MMontooth, KristiMu, XuMount, Stephen MMu, XuMyers, GeneMyers, EugeneNegre, BarbaraNewfeld, Stuart JNegre, BarbaraNewfeld, StuartNielsen, RasmusNoor, Mohamed ANielsen, RasmusO'Grady, P.O'grady, Patrick MNoor, Mohamed A FO'Grady, PatrickPachter, LiorPachter, LiorPapaceit, MontserratPapaceit, MontserratParisi, Matthew JParisi, MichaelParisi, MichaelParts, LeopoldParts, LeopoldPedersen, Jakob SPedersen, Jakob SPesole, GrazianoPesole, GrazianoPhillippy, Adam MPhillippy, Adam MPonting, ChrisPop, MihaiPonting, Chris PPop, MihaiPorcelli, DamianoPowell, Jeff RobertPorcelli, DamianoPowell, Jeffrey RProhaska, SonjaPruitt, KimProhaska, SonjaPuig, MartaPruitt, KimQuesneville, HadiPuig, MartaRavi Ram, K.Ram, Kristipati RQuesneville, HadiRam, Kristipati RaviRand, David MRand, DavidRasmussen, Matthew DReed, LauraRasmussen, Matthew DReed, Laura KReenan, Robert AReily, AmyReenan, RobertReily, AmyRemington, Karin ARemington, Karin ARieger, Tania TRieger, Tania TRitchie, Michael GRitchie, Michael GRobin, CharlesRobin, CharlesRogers, Yu-HuiRogers, Yu-HuiRohde, ClaudiaRozas, JulioRohde, ClaudiaRozas, JulioRubenfield, Marc JRuiz, AlfredoRubenfield, Marc JRuiz, AlfredoRusso, SusanRusso, SusanSalzberg, Steven LSalzberg, Steven LSanchez-Gracia, AlejandroSaranga, David JSanchez-Gracia, AlejandroSato, HajimeSaranga, David JSchaeffer, Stephen WSato, HajimeSchatz, MichaelSchaeffer, Stephen WSchatz, Michael CSchlenke, ToddSchwartz, RussellSchlenke, ToddSegarra, CarmenSchwartz, RussellSingh, Rama SSegarra, CarmenSingh, Rama SSirot, LauraSirota, MarinaSirot, LauraSisneros, Nicholas BSirota, MarinaSisneros, Nicholas BSmith, Chris DSmith, Temple FSmith, Temple FSpieth, John GSpieth, JohnStage, Deborah EStark, AlexanderStage, Deborah EStephan, WolfgangStark, AlexanderStephan, WolfgangStrausberg, Robert LStrausberg, Robert LStrempel, SebastianStrempel, SebastianSturgill, DavidSturgill, DavidSutton, GrangerSutton, GrangerTao, WeiSutton, Granger GTao, WeiTeichmann, SarahTobari, Yoshiko NTeichmann, SarahTomimura, YoshihikoTobari, Yoshiko NTsolas, Jason MTomimura, YoshihikoTsolas, Jason MValente, Vera LVenter, EliValente, Vera L SCraig Venter, J.Venter, J. CVicario, SaverioVenter, J CraigVicario, SaverioVieira, Filipe GVieira, Filipe GVilella, Albert JVillasante, AlfredoVilella, Albert JVillasante, AlfredoWalenz, BrianWang, JunWalenz, BrianWasserman, MarvinWang, JunWasserman, MarvinWatts, ThomasWilson, DerekWatts, ThomasWilson, Richard KWing, Rod AWilson, Richard KWolfner, Mariana FWing, Rod AWolfner, Mariana FWong, AlexWong, Gane KKa-Shu Wong, G.Wu, Chung IWong, Gane Ka-ShuWu, GabrielWu, GabrielYamamoto, DaisukeYang, Hsiao-PeiYamamoto, DaisukeYang, Shiaw-PyngYang, Shiaw-PyngYorke, James AYorke, James AYoshida, KiyohitoZdobnov, EvgenyYoshida, KiyohitoZhang, PeiliZdobnov, EvgenyZhang, YuZhang, YuZimin, Aleksey VZimin, Aleksey VBaldwin, JenniferAbdouelleil, AmrBaldwin, JenniferAbdulkadir, JamalAbdouelleil, AmrAbdulkadir, JamalAbebe, AdalAbebe, AdalAbera, BriktiAbera, BriktiAbreu, JustinChristophe Acer, S.Acer, St CAbreu, JustinAftuck, LynneAcer, St ChristopheAftuck, LynneAlexander, AllenAn, PeterAlexander, AllenAnderson, EricaAn, PeterAnderson, ScottArachi, HarindraAnderson, ScottAzer, MarcArachi, HarindraBachantsang, PasangAzer, MarcBarry, AndrewBachantsang, PasangBayul, TashiBarry, AndrewBayul, TashiBerlin, AaronBerlin, AaronBessette, DanielBessette, DanielBloom, TobyBlye, JasonBloom, TobyBlye, JasonBoguslavskiy, LeonidBonnet, ClaudeBoguslavskiy, LeonidBoukhgalter, BorisBonnet, ClaudeBoukhgalter, BorisBourzgui, ImaneBrown, AdamBourzgui, ImaneBrown, AdamCahill, PatrickCahill, PatrickChanner, SheridonChanner, SheridonCheshatsang, YamaCheshatsang, YamaChuda, LisaCitroen, MiekeChuda, LisaCitroen, MiekeCollymore, AlvilleCollymore, AlvilleCooke, PatrickCostello, MauraCooke, PatrickD'Aco, K.Costello, MauraD'Aco, KatieD'Aco, KatieDaza, RizaDe Haan, GeorgiusDaza, RizaDegray, S.De Haan, GeorgiusDeGray, StuartDeGray, StuartDeMaso, ChristinaDemaso, C.DeMaso, ChristinaDhargay, NorbuDooley, KimberlyDhargay, NorbuDooley, ErinDooley, ErinDoricent, MissoleDorje, PassangDoricent, MissoleDorjee, KunsangDorje, PassangDorjee, KunsangDupes, AlanDupes, AlanElong, RichardFalk, JillElong, RichardFalk, JillFarina, AbderrahimFaro, SusanFarina, AbderrahimFaro, SusanFerguson, DialloFerguson, DialloFisher, SheilaFoley, Chelsea DFisher, SheilaFranke, AliciaFoley, Chelsea DFriedrich, DennisFranke, AliciaFriedrich, DennisGadbois, LorynGadbois, LorynGearin, GaryGearin, Christina RGiannoukos, GeorgiaGearin, Christina RGoode, TinaGiannoukos, GeorgiaGoode, TinaGraham, JosephGraham, JosephGrandbois, EdwardGrewal, SharleenGrandbois, EdwardGrewal, SharleenGyaltsen, KunsangGyaltsen, KunsangHafez, NabilHagos, BirhaneHafez, NabilHall, Jennifer LHagos, BirhaneHall, JenniferHenson, CharlotteHollinger, AndrewHenson, CharlotteHonan, TraceyHollinger, AndrewHuard, Monika DHonan, TraceyHuard, Monika DHughes, LeanneHughes, LeanneHurhula, BrianHurhula, BrianErii Husby, M.Husby, M EHusby, M EriiKamat, AshaKamat, AshaKanga, BenKanga, BenKashin, SevaKhazanovich, DmitryKashin, SevaKisner, PeterKhazanovich, DmitryLance, KristaKisner, PeterLance, KristaLara, MarciaLee, WilliamLara, MarciaLee, WilliamLennon, NiallLennon, NiallLetendre, FrancesLevine, R.LeVine, RosieLetendre, FrancesLeVine, RosieLipovsky, AlexLiu, XiaohongLipovsky, AlexLiu, JinleiLiu, ShangtaoLokyitsang, TashiLiu, ShangtaoLokyitsang, YeshiLubonja, RakelaLokyitsang, YeshiLui, AnnieLubonja, RakelaMacDonald, PenLui, AnnieMagnisalis, VasiliaMacDonald, PenMagnisalis, VasiliaMaru, KebedeMaru, KebedeMatthews, CharlesMcCusker, WilliamMatthews, CharlesMcCusker, WilliamMcDonough, SusanMehta, TeenaMcDonough, SusanMeldrim, JamesMehta, TeenaMeldrim, JamesMeneus, LouisMihai, OanaMeneus, LouisMihai, OanaMihalev, AtanasMihalev, AtanasMihova, TanyaMittelman, RachelMihova, TanyaMlenga, ValentineMittelman, RachelMontmayeur, AnnaMlenga, ValentineMontmayeur, AnnaMulrain, LeonidasNavidi, AdamMulrain, LeonidasNaylor, JeromeNavidi, AdamNegash, TamratNaylor, JeromeNguyen, ThuNegash, TamratNguyen, NgaNguyen, NgaNicol, RobertNicol, RobertNorbu, ChoeNorbu, NyimaNorbu, NyimaNovod, NathanielNovod, NathanielO'Neill, B.O'Neill, BarryOsman, SahalO'Neill, BarryMarkiewicz, EvaOsman, SahalOyono, Otero LMarkiewicz, EvaPatti, ChristopherOyono, Otero LPhunkhang, PemaPatti, ChristopherPhunkhang, PemaPierre, FritzPierre, FritzPriest, MargaretPriest, MargaretRaghuraman, SujaaRege, FilipRaghuraman, SujaaRege, FilipReyes, RebeccaReyes, RebeccaRise, CecilRogov, PeterRise, CecilRogov, PeterRoss, KeenanRyan, ElizabethRoss, KeenanSettipalli, SampathRyan, ElizabethSettipalli, SampathShea, TerryShea, TerrySherpa, NgawangShi, LuSherpa, NgawangShi, LuShih, DianaSparrow, ToddShih, DianaSpaulding, JessicaSparrow, ToddStalker, JohnSpaulding, JessicaStange-Thomann, NicoleStalker, JohnStange-Thomann, NicoleStavropoulos, SharonStone, CatherineStavropoulos, SharonStrader, ChristopherStone, CatherineTesfaye, SenaitStrader, ChristopherThomson, TaleneTesfaye, SenaitThomson, TaleneThoulutsang, YamaThoulutsang, DawaThoulutsang, DawaTopham, KerriTopping, IraTopham, KerriTsamla, TsamlaTopping, IraVassiliev, HelenTsamla, TsamlaVo, AndyVassiliev, HelenVo, AndyWangchuk, TseringWangchuk, TseringWangdi, TseringWangdi, TseringWeiand, MichaelWilkinson, JaneWeiand, MichaelWilkinson, JaneWilson, AdamWilson, AdamYadav, ShailendraYoung, GenevaYadav, ShailendraYoung, GenevaYu, QingZembek, LisaYu, QingZhong, DanniZembek, LisaZimmer, AndrewZhong, DanniZimmer, AndrewZwirko, ZacAlvarez, P.Zwirko, ZacBrockman, W.Alvarez, PabloJaffe, David BButler, J.Alvarez, PabloBrockman, WillBrockman, WillChin, C.Butler, JonathanChin, CheeWhyeGrabherr, M.Butler, JonathanKleber, M.Chin, CheeWhyeMauceli, E.Grabherr, ManfredGnerre, SanteMacCallum, I.Kleber, MichaelGrabherr, ManfredMauceli, EvanKleber, MichaelMacCallum, IainMauceli, Evan and MacCallum, Iain
Nature, vol. 450, (no. 7167), pp. 203-18, 2007/Nov/8. | Journal Article