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Formation and evolution of an extensive blue ice moraine in central Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica
Kassab, Christine MLicht, Kathy JPetersson, RickardLindbäck, KatrinGraly, Joseph A and Kaplan, Michael R
Journal of Glaciology, vol. 66, (no. 255), pp. 60, 2020-02-00. | Journal Article
Polar desert chronologies through quantitative measurements of salt accumulation
Graly, Joseph AGraly, Joseph ALicht, Kathy JLicht, Kathy JDruschel, Gregory KDruschel, Gregory KKaplan, Michael R and Kaplan, Michael R
Geology, vol. 46, (no. 4), pp. 354, 2018-04-01. | Journal Article
Two Metrics Describing the Causes of Seasonal and Spatial Changes in Subglacial Aqueous Chemistry
Graly, JosephHumphrey, Neil and Licht, Kathy
Frontiers in Earth Science, vol. 6, 2018-11-06. | Journal Article
Warm-based basal sediment entrainment and far-field Pleistocene origin evidenced in central Transantarctic blue ice through stable isotopes and internal structures
Journal of Glaciology, vol. 64, (no. 244), pp. 196, 2018-04-00. | Journal Article
Analysis of Antarctic glacigenic sediment provenance through geochemical and petrologic applications
Licht, Kathy JLicht, Kathy J.Hemming, Sidney R and Hemming, Sidney R.
Quaternary Science Reviews, vol. 164, pp. 24, 2017-05-15. | Journal Article
East Antarctic ice sheet stability recorded in a high-elevation ice-cored moraine
Bader, Nicole ALicht, Kathy JKaplan, Michael RKassab, Christine and Winckler, Gisela
Quaternary Science Reviews, vol. 159, pp. 102, 2017-03-01. | Journal Article
Exploring the use of zircon geochronology as an indicator of Laurentide Ice Sheet till provenance, Indiana, USA
Kassab, Christine MBrickles, Samantha LLicht, Kathy J and Monaghan, G. William
Quaternary Research, vol. 88, (no. 3), pp. 536, 2017-11-00. | Journal Article
Applications of detrital geochronology and thermochronology from glacial deposits to the Paleozoic and Mesozoic thermal history of the Ross Embayment, Antarctica
Welke, BethanyWelke, BethanyLicht, KathyLicht, KathyHennessy, AndreaHennessy, AndreaHemming, SidneyHemming, SidneyPierce Davis, ElizabethDavis, Elizabeth PierceKassab, Christine and Kassab, Christine
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, vol. 17, (no. 7), pp. 2780, July 2016. | Journal Article
Generation and fate of glacial sediments in the central Transantarctic Mountains based on radiogenic isotopes and implications for reconstructing past ice dynamics
Farmer, G. Lang and Licht, Kathy J
Quaternary Science Reviews, vol. 150, pp. 109, 2016-10-15. | Journal Article
Antarctica's Dry Valleys: A potential source of soluble iron to the Southern Ocean?
Bhattachan, AbinashBhattachan, AbinashWang, LixinWang, LixinMiller, Molly FMiller, Molly FLicht, Kathy JLicht, Kathy JD'Odorico, Paolo and D'Odorico, Paolo
Geophysical Research Letters, vol. 42, (no. 6), pp. 1918, 28 March 2015. | Journal Article
A community-based geological reconstruction of Antarctic Ice Sheet deglaciation since the Last Glacial Maximum
Bentley, Michael J.Bentley, M.J.Bentley, Michael JBentley, Michael JBentley, M.J.Bentley, M.J.Bentley, M.J.Bentley, M.J.Ó Cofaigh, ColmOcofaigh, C.Ocofaigh, C.Ó Cofaigh, ColmOcofaigh, C.Ocofaigh, C.Ocofaigh, C.Cofaigh, Colm O.Anderson, J.B.Anderson, J.B.Anderson, J.B.Anderson, John BAnderson, John B.Anderson, John BAnderson, J.B.Anderson, J.B.Conway, H.Conway, H.Conway, HowardConway, HowardConway, H.Conway, H.Conway, H.Conway, HowardDavies, B.Davies, B.Davies, B.Davies, B.Davies, BethanDavies, BethanDavies, BethanDavies, B.Graham, Alastair GCGraham, A.G.C.Graham, A.G.C.Graham, A.G.C.Graham, A.G.C.Graham, Alastair G.CGraham, Alastair G.CGraham, A.G.C.Hillenbrand, C.-D.Hillenbrand, Claus-DieterHillenbrand, C.-D.Hillenbrand, Claus-DieterHillenbrand, Claus-DieterHillenbrand, C.-D.Hillenbrand, C.-D.Hillenbrand, C.-D.Hodgson, Dominic A.Hodgson, D.A.Hodgson, Dominic AHodgson, Dominic AHodgson, D.A.Hodgson, D.A.Hodgson, D.A.Hodgson, D.A.Jamieson, S.S.R.Jamieson, S.S.R.Jamieson, S.S.R.Jamieson, Stewart S.RJamieson, S.S.R.Jamieson, Stewart S.RJamieson, S.S.R.Jamieson, Stewart SRLarter, Robert DLarter, R.D.Larter, Robert D.Larter, R.D.Larter, Robert DLarter, R.D.Larter, R.D.Larter, R.D.Mackintosh, AndrewMackintosh, A.Mackintosh, A.Mackintosh, A.Mackintosh, A.Mackintosh, A.Mackintosh, Andrewal.Smith, James ASmith, J.A.Smith, J.A.Smith, J.A.Smith, J.A.Smith, J.A.Smith, James AVerleyen, E.Verleyen, E.Verleyen, E.Verleyen, ElieVerleyen, E.Verleyen, ElieVerleyen, E.Ackert, R.P.Ackert, Robert PAckert, Robert PAckert, R.P.Ackert, R.P.Ackert, R.P.Ackert, R.P.Bart, P.J.Bart, P.J.Bart, P.J.Bart, Philip JBart, P.J.Bart, Philip JBart, P.J.Berg, S.Berg, S.Berg, S.Berg, SonjaBerg, S.Berg, S.Berg, SonjaBrunstein, D.Brunstein, D.Brunstein, D.Brunstein, DanielBrunstein, DanielBrunstein, D.Brunstein, D.Canals, M.Canals, M.Canals, M.Canals, M.Canals, MiquelCanals, MiquelCanals, M.Colhoun, E.A.Colhoun, E.A.Colhoun, E.A.Colhoun, Eric AColhoun, Eric AColhoun, E.A.Colhoun, E.A.Crosta, XavierCrosta, X.Crosta, XavierCrosta, X.Crosta, X.Crosta, X.Crosta, X.Dickens, W.A.Dickens, W.A.Dickens, W.A.Dickens, William ADickens, William ADickens, W.A.Dickens, W.A.Domack, E.Domack, EugeneDomack, E.Domack, EugeneDomack, E.Domack, E.Domack, E.Dowdeswell, J.A.Dowdeswell, Julian ADowdeswell, J.A.Dowdeswell, J.A.Dowdeswell, J.A.Dowdeswell, Julian ADowdeswell, J.A.Dunbar, R.Dunbar, RobertDunbar, R.Dunbar, R.Dunbar, RobertDunbar, R.Dunbar, R.Ehrmann, W.Ehrmann, WernerEhrmann, W.Ehrmann, W.Ehrmann, WernerEhrmann, W.Ehrmann, W.Evans, J.Evans, J.Evans, J.Evans, J.Evans, JeffreyEvans, JeffreyEvans, J.Favier, V.Favier, VincentFavier, V.Favier, V.Favier, V.Favier, V.Favier, VincentFink, D.Fink, D.Fink, D.Fink, DavidFink, DavidFink, D.Fink, D.Fogwill, C.J.Fogwill, C.J.Fogwill, Christopher JFogwill, C.J.Fogwill, C.J.Fogwill, C.J.Fogwill, Christopher JGlasser, Neil FGlasser, N.F.Glasser, N.F.Glasser, N.F.Glasser, N.F.Glasser, Neil FGlasser, N.F.Gohl, K.Gohl, KarstenGohl, K.Gohl, K.Gohl, K.Gohl, KarstenGohl, K.Golledge, N.R.Golledge, N.R.Golledge, N.R.Golledge, Nicholas RGolledge, Nicholas RGolledge, N.R.Golledge, N.R.Goodwin, I.Goodwin, IanGoodwin, I.Goodwin, I.Goodwin, I.Goodwin, I.Goodwin, IanGore, Damian BGore, Damian BGore, D.B.Gore, D.B.Gore, D.B.Gore, D.B.Gore, D.B.Greenwood, S.L.Greenwood, Sarah LGreenwood, S.L.Greenwood, S.L.Greenwood, S.L.Greenwood, S.L.Greenwood, Sarah LHall, B.L.Hall, B.L.Hall, Brenda LHall, B.L.Hall, B.L.Hall, Brenda LHall, B.L.Hall, K.Hall, K.Hall, K.Hall, K.Hall, KevinHall, K.Hall, KevinHedding, D.W.Hedding, D.W.Hedding, D.W.Hedding, David WHedding, D.W.Hedding, D.W.Hedding, David WHein, A.S.Hein, Andrew SHein, A.S.Hein, A.S.Hein, A.S.Hein, A.S.Hein, Andrew SHocking, E.P.Hocking, E.P.Hocking, Emma PHocking, E.P.Hocking, E.P.Hocking, Emma PHocking, E.P.Jakobsson, M.Jakobsson, M.Jakobsson, M.Jakobsson, M.Jakobsson, M.Jakobsson, MartinJakobsson, MartinJohnson, J.S.Johnson, Joanne SJohnson, J.S.Johnson, J.S.Johnson, J.S.Johnson, Joanne SJohnson, J.S.Jomelli, VincentJomelli, V.Jomelli, VincentJomelli, V.Jomelli, V.Jomelli, V.Jomelli, V.Jones, R. 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Quaternary Science Reviews, vol. 100, pp. 9, 2014-09-15. | Journal Article
Pyroxene separation by HF leaching and its impact on helium surface-exposure dating
Bromley, Gordon R.MWinckler, GiselaSchaefer, Joerg MKaplan, Michael RLicht, Kathy J and Hall, Brenda L
Quaternary Geochronology, vol. 23, pp. 8, October 2014. | Journal Article
Ross Sea paleo-ice sheet drainage and deglacial history during and since the LGM
Anderson, John BConway, HowardBart, Philip JWitus, Alexandra EGreenwood, Sarah LMcKay, Robert MHall, Brenda LAckert, Robert PLicht, KathyJakobsson, Martin and Stone, John O
Quaternary Science Reviews, vol. 100, pp. 54, 2014-09-15. | Journal Article
The U-Pb detrital zircon signature of West Antarctic ice stream tills in the Ross embayment, with implications for Last Glacial Maximum ice flow reconstructions
Licht, KathyHennessy, Andrea and Welke, Bethany
Antarctic Science, vol. 26, (no. 6), pp. 687-697, Dec 2014. | Journal Article
Glaciology and geological signature of the Last Glacial Maximum Antarctic ice sheet
Golledge, Nicholas RGolledge, N.R.Levy, Richard HLevy, R.H.McKay, Robert MMcKay, R.M.Fogwill, Christopher JFogwill, C.J.White, Duanne AWhite, D.A.Graham, A.G.C.Graham, Alastair G.CSmith, James ASmith, J.A.Hillenbrand, Claus-DieterHillenbrand, C.-D.Licht, Kathy JLicht, K.J.Denton, George HDenton, G.H.Ackert, R.P.Ackert, Robert PMaas, Sanne MMaas, S.M.Hall, B.L. and Hall, Brenda L
Quaternary Science Reviews, vol. 78, pp. 247, 2013-10-15. | Journal Article
Can polymicts be used as proxies for paleo ice stream flow?
Licht, Kathy
Quaternary International, vol. 279-280, pp. 280, 2012-11-16. | Journal Article
Provenance indicators of West Antarctic subglacial till composition and past ice stream flow directions in the Ross Embayment, Antarctica
Licht, Kathy
Quaternary International, vol. 279-280, pp. 280, 2012-11-16. | Journal Article
Use of a vertical δ18O profile to constrain hydraulic properties and recharge rates across a glacio-lacustrine unit, Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, USA
Person, MarkPerson, MarkPerson, MarkPerson, MarkMarksamer, AndeeMarksamer, AndeeMarksamer, AndeeMarksamer, AndeeDugan, BrandonDugan, BrandonDugan, BrandonDugan, BrandonSauer, PeterSauer, PeterSauer, Peter ESauer, PeterBrown, KyleBrown, KyleBrown, KyleBrown, KyleBish, DavidBish, DavidBish, DavidBish, DavidLicht, KathyLicht, KathyLicht, KathyLicht, Kathy JWillett, MarkWillett, MarkWillett, Mark and Willett, Mark
Hydrogeology Journal, vol. 20, (no. 2), pp. 336, 20120300. | Journal Article
Climate-related cyclic deposition of carbonate and organic matter in Holocene lacustrine sediment, Lower Michigan, USA
Nelson, Jennifer A.Nelson, Jennifer ALicht, KathyLicht, KathyYansa, Catherine HYansa, CatherineFilippelli, Gabriel and Filippelli, Gabriel M
Journal of Paleolimnology, vol. 44, (no. 1), pp. 1-13, 2010. | Journal Article
Continuation of the Laurentian Grenville Province across the Ross Sea Margin of East Antarctica
Goodge, JohnFanning, C.Brecke, DevonLicht, Kathy and Palmer, Emerson
The Journal of Geology, vol. 118, (no. 6), pp. 619, 20100000. | Journal Article
A 45,000 yr record of Adélie penguins and climate change in the Ross Sea, Antarctica
Emslie, Steven DCoats, Larry and Licht, Kathy
Geology, vol. 35, (no. 1), pp. 61, Jan 2007. | Journal Article
A Local Provenance for Glacial Tills at the Margin of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet, Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica
Farmer, G. LLicht, Kathy and Palmer, E.
Proceedings of the American Geophysical Union 2007 Fall Meeting, 2007. | Journal Article
A Local Provenance for Glacial Tills at the Margin of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet, Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica
Farmer, G. LLicht, Kathy and Palmer, E.
EOS Transactions, American Geophysical Union, vol. 88, (no. 52,), pp. Su, 2007. | Journal Article
Sedimentary characteristics of Late Pleistocene till from the Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica
Licht, KathyPalmer, E. and Swope, R. J
Proceedings of the American Geophysical Union 2007 Fall Meeting, 2007. | Journal Article
Sedimentary characteristics of Late Pleistocene till from the Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica
Licht, KathyPalmer, E. and Swope, R. J
EOS Transactions, American Geophysical Union, vol. 88, (no. 52,), pp. Su, 2007. | Journal Article