Writing a series of papers in the area of medical decision-making.

  • Game Theory Applications to Medical practice
  • Methods of estimating statistical measures of dispersion from limited data reported in order to perform meta-analysis of clinical trials.
  • Mathematical modeling in medical decision making
  • Developing methods for assessing medical innovations; Meta-Analysis of clinical trials; Calculation of life expectancy from AUC (area-under-curve) of published survival curves. Extraction of summary therapeutic parameters from multiple reports on clinical trials.
  • Benefit/risk hypothesis testing model and gamma statistical error. 
  • Acceptable Regret Theory, developing a Decision theory – based model for incorporating acceptable regret in medical decision making. 
  • Comparison of simple EBM-DA model ("our" model) with more complex model (e.g. Markov model) in deciding on the threshold for decision making.
  • Calculation of optimal timing of BMT (bone-marrow transplant).
Insurance, Mathematics
PhD, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mathematics, 1993
BS, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mathematics, 1988
Mathematical Association of America