As a generalist in my field, which is very rare, I have a wide variety of research interests and specialize in many areas. I have published in journals and encyclopedias on various topics: Rape myth culture and media impact, female sex offenders, serial killers (both male and female), cold cases, spree killers, and sex offender policy. In addition to these areas, my research interests also include: violent offenders (serial killers, mass murderers, sex offenders, spree killers, cults, and stalking), cold cases, media, ideology, the politics of crime, women and crime, victimology and offender-victim relationships, policing (personalities, media impact, stress factors), prison subculture (prison gangs, deprivation vs. importation, special populations in prison, correctional and administration relations with inmates, inmate-on-inmate violence), prisoner reentry, hate crimes, criminological theory, and criminal justice policy.

Research: Violent offenders (both female and male: serial killers, sex offenders, mass murderers, spree killers); stalking offenders and victims; victimology; criminological theory ; media, ideology, and politics of crime/myths vs. reality; criminal justice policy and laws; prison subculture/special populations and prisoner reentry; police personalities/gender/stress.

Women's Studies, Gender Studies, Criminology
PhD, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Criminology, 2015
BS, California State University, Long Beach, Political Science
MS, California State University, Long Beach, Criminal Justice