Research interests: Materials physics and condensed matter (experimental), chemical physics, condensed matter physics

My research focuses on the rational design, controlled synthesis, correlated measurement and engineering of nanostructured solid state materials. The materials of current interest include 5d transition metal oxides, topological materials, and low dimensional magnets, in which spin-orbit coupling plays a key role.

We are particularly interested in studying their emergent physical properties and understanding the underlying physics using multi-functional scanning probe microscopy in correlation with low temperature transport and magnetization measurements. We are also interested in tuning and enhancing the material properties in a controlled fashion using external stimuli such as elastic strain and electromagnetic fields.

We are interested in exploring the emergent physical properties of novel nanostructured materials that arise from the fundamental symmetries, interactions and nano-scale confinement.

We are particularly interested in their structural, electrical, magnetic and thermoelectric properties as well as the unique couplings of these properties at the nano-scale. The material systems that we are currently interested in include:

  • Correlated Metal Oxides with Strong Spin-orbit Coupling
  • Topological Crystalline Insulators
  • 2-D Ferromagnetic Semiconductors
PhD, University of Maryland, 2007
BS, University of Science and Technology of China, 2004