My research focuses on understanding how micro and macro-level processes jointly shape patterns of conflict and inequality. In my work on conflict, I am currently examining: (1) how intergroup conflict shapes intragroup relations, (2) how reputation systems organize competition, aggression and social status, and (3) how emotions and power affect third party intervention in conflict. My current projects on inequality include (1) how organizational cultures that emphasize meritocracy can unintentionally increase bias and (2) how stereotypes about race, gender, and income shape hiring and promotion decisions.

Research Interests:

  • social psychology; intergroup conflict and cooperation; gender; collective action; inequality; theory; social networks
Past Affiliations

Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Sociology, College of Arts and Sciences, Cornell University (past)

Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, College of Arts and Sciences, Indiana University Bloomington

Affiliate Faculty, Ostrom Workshop, Office of the Vice Provost for Research, Academic and Research Units, Indiana University Bloomington

PhD, Cornell University, Sociology, 2008
MA, Cornell University, Sociology, 2004
BA, University of Rochester, Sociological Studies, 2001