Michael Brose researches, publishes and teaches in two areas of Chinese history and society, Mongol China social history, and the history and current role of Islam in SW China.

Research Interests:

  • Yuan-Ming Chinese social history: Social, political and military history of Mongol Yuan and Ming China.
  • Islam in China: Research on the history and current socio-political role of the Yunnan Chinese Muslim (Hui) community; focus on mosque architecture, halal food industry and economy.
  • Digital History Methods: GIS and Network Analysis. Applying digital, quantitative methods to biographical and geographical data mined from Chinese primary sources such as gazetteers, tomb inscriptions, official and personal biographical materials.


Language Studies, Asian Studies, Asian Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Chinese, Russian, Japanese
PhD, University of Pennsylvania, Asian and Middle East Studies, 2000
MA, University of Washington, 1991
MSc, University of British Columbia, Microbiology, 1985
BSc, Seattle Pacific University, Biology, 1978
English, Native Speaker, German, Standard, Mandarin Chinese