Research Interests:

  • Drug Delivery & Nanomedicine
  • Self-assembled Nanosystems ( e.g., Metal-organic Nanostructure, metal-drug complex)
  • Nano-sensors
  • Pharmacometrics & Computational Pharmaceutics

Dr. Li has been focused on the development of novel drug formulations and delivery systems for the treatment and diagnosis of cancers, dental diseases, and others. Some ongoing research projects are described as follows:

  1. One project is focused on developing nanomedicine for treating resistant prostate cancers.
  2. Dr. Li also devoted myself to the delivery and targeting of macromolecule therapeutics including gene medicine and proteins for treating various diseases.
  3. Another research interest is to develop drug formulations and biomaterials for treating dental diseases including pediatric caries and periodontitis.
PhD, University of Tennessee, Pharmaceutics, 2011
MSc, National University of Singapore, Biology, 2006
BPharm, Zhejiang University, China, Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2002