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Are there any 'object detectors' in the hidden layers of CNNs trained to identify objects or scenes?
Gale, Ella MGale, Ella MMartin, NicholasMartin, NicholasBlything, RyanBlything, RyanNguyen, AnhNguyen, AnhBowers, Jeffrey S and Bowers, Jeffrey S
Vision research, vol. 176, pp. 60-71, August 8, 2020. | Journal Article
The Surprising Creativity of Digital Evolution: A Collection of Anecdotes from the Evolutionary Computation and Artificial Life Research Communities
Lehman, JoelLehman, JoelLehman, JoelLehman, JoelLehman, JoelClune, JeffClune, JeffClune, JeffClune, JeffClune, JeffMisevic, DusanMisevic, DusanMisevic, DusanMisevic, DusanMisevic, DusanAdami, ChristophAdami, ChristophAdami, ChristophAdami, ChristophAltenberg, LeeAltenberg, LeeAltenberg, LeeAltenberg, LeeBeaulieu, JulieBeaulieu, JulieBeaulieu, JulieBeaulieu, JulieBentley, Peter JBentley, Peter J.Bentley, Peter JBentley, Peter JBernard, SamuelBernard, SamuelBernard, SamuelBernard, SamuelBeslon, GuillaumeBeslon, GuillaumeBeslon, GuillaumeBeslon, GuillaumeBryson, David MBryson, David M.Bryson, David MBryson, David MCheney, NickCheney, NickCheney, NickCheney, NickChrabaszcz, PatrykChrabaszcz, PatrykChrabaszcz, PatrykChrabaszcz, PatrykCully, AntoineCully, AntoineCully, AntoineCully, AntoineDoncieux, StephaneDoncieux, StephaneDoncieux, StephaneDoncieux, StephaneDyer, Fred CDyer, Fred C.Dyer, Fred CDyer, Fred CEllefsen, Kai OlavEllefsen, Kai OlavEllefsen, Kai OlavEllefsen, Kai OlavFeldt, RobertFeldt, RobertFeldt, RobertFeldt, RobertFischer, StephanFischer, StephanFischer, StephanFischer, StephanForrest, StephanieForrest, StephanieForrest, StephanieForrest, StephanieFŕenoy, AntoineFŕenoy, AntoineFŕenoy, AntoineFŕenoy, AntoineGagńe, ChristianGagńe, ChristianGagńe, ChristianGagńe, ChristianLe Goff, LeniLe Goff, LeniLe Goff, LeniLe Goff, LeniGrabowski, Laura MGrabowski, Laura MGrabowski, Laura MGrabowski, Laura M.Hodjat, BabakHodjat, BabakHodjat, BabakHodjat, BabakHutter, FrankHutter, FrankHutter, FrankHutter, FrankKeller, LaurentKeller, LaurentKeller, LaurentKeller, LaurentKnibbe, CaroleKnibbe, CaroleKnibbe, CaroleKnibbe, CaroleKrcah, PeterKrcah, PeterKrcah, PeterKrcah, PeterLenski, Richard ELenski, Richard E.Lenski, Richard ELenski, Richard ELipson, HodLipson, HodLipson, HodLipson, HodMacCurdy, RobertMacCurdy, RobertMacCurdy, RobertMacCurdy, RobertMaestre, CarlosMaestre, CarlosMaestre, CarlosMaestre, CarlosMiikkulainen, RistoMiikkulainen, RistoMiikkulainen, RistoMiikkulainen, RistoMitri, SaraMitri, SaraMitri, SaraMitri, SaraMoriarty, David EMoriarty, David E.Moriarty, David EMoriarty, David EMouret, Jean-BaptisteMouret, Jean-BaptisteMouret, Jean-BaptisteMouret, Jean-BaptisteNguyen, AnhNguyen, AnhNguyen, AnhNguyen, AnhOfria, CharlesOfria, CharlesOfria, CharlesOfria, CharlesParizeau, MarcParizeau, MarcParizeau, MarcParizeau, MarcParsons, DavidParsons, DavidParsons, DavidParsons, DavidPennock, Robert T.Pennock, Robert TPennock, Robert TPennock, Robert TPunch, William F.Punch, William FPunch, William FPunch, William FRay, Thomas SRay, Thomas SRay, Thomas SRay, Thomas S.Schoenauer, MarcSchoenauer, MarcSchoenauer, MarcSchoenauer, MarcSchulte, EricSchulte, EricSchulte, EricSchulte, EricSims, KarlSims, KarlSims, KarlSims, KarlStanley, Kenneth O.Stanley, Kenneth OStanley, Kenneth OStanley, Kenneth OTaddei, FrançoisTaddei, FrançoisTaddei, FrançoisTaddei, FrançoisTarapore, DaneshTarapore, DaneshTarapore, DaneshTarapore, DaneshThibault, SimonThibault, SimonThibault, SimonThibault, SimonWatson, RichardWatson, RichardWatson, RichardWatson, RichardWeimer, WestleyWeimer, WestleyWeimer, WestleyWeimer, WestleyYosinski, JasonYosinski, JasonYosinski, Jason and Yosinski, Jason
Artificial life, vol. 26, (no. 2), pp. 306, 2020. | Journal Article
Automatically identifying, counting, and describing wild animals in camera-trap images with deep learning
Norouzzadeh, Mohammad SadeghNorouzzadeh, Mohammad SadeghNguyen, AnhNguyen, AnhKosmala, MargaretKosmala, MargaretSwanson, AlexandraSwanson, AlexandraPalmer, Meredith SPalmer, Meredith S.Packer, CraigPacker, CraigClune, Jeff and Clune, Jeff
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - PNAS, vol. 115, (no. 25), pp. E5725, 2018-06-19. | Journal Article
AI Neuroscience: Visualizing and Understanding Deep Neural Networks (Dissertation)
Nguyen, Anh (2017).
Understanding Innovation Engines: Automated Creativity and Improved Stochastic Optimization via Deep Learning.
Nguyen, AYosinski, J and Clune, J
Evolutionary computation, vol. 24, (no. 3), pp. 545-572, 2016. | Journal Article
3DTouch: A wearable 3D input device for 3D applications
Nguyen, Anh and Banic, Amy
2015 IEEE Virtual Reality (VR), pp. 61, 2015-March. 2015-March. | Conference Proceeding
3DTouch: A wearable 3D input device for 3D applications
Nguyen, Anh and Banic, Amy
2015 IEEE Virtual Reality (VR), pp. 373, 2015-March. 2015-March. | Conference Proceeding
Deep neural networks are easily fooled: High confidence predictions for unrecognizable images
Nguyen, AnhYosinski, Jason and Clune, Jeff
2015 IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), pp. 436, 2015-June. 2015-June. | Conference Proceeding
3DTouch: Towards a Wearable 3D Input Device for 3D Applications (Dissertation)
Nguyen, Anh (2014).