My lab has extensive experience in drug development, preclinical research and bioanalysis in the fields of biopharmaceutics, neuropharmacology and brain research.

My research focuses on investigating the following:

  • Role of functional blood-brain barrier (BBB) in maintaining brain function and homeostasis
  • Role of vasculature in clearing brain waste products like amyloid-β
  • The neurovascular unit that works in concert to maintain a healthy brain
  • Targeting the BBB as a preventive and therapeutic approach to protect neurons
  • Discovery and development of drugs that target brain vasculature dysfunction in AD and CAA
PhD, Nagasaki University, Japan, Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2004
MS, Nagasaki University, Japan, Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2001
BSc, Kuwait University, Biochemistry , 1985
cerebral amyloid angiopathy olive oil blood-brain barrier alzheimers disease