4 Patents
Selective removal of phosphate and chromate by ion exchangers
Zhao, Don (Inventor).
Self-owned (Assignee). US 6136199. (Issued 2000)
n.d.no date or unknown
In situ immobilization of metals in contaminated sites using stabilized iron phosphate nanoparticles
Zhao, DonXiong, ZhongBarnett, MarkLiu, RuiqiangHarper, Willie F and He, Feng (Inventors).
Preparation and application of stabilized iron nanoparticles for dechlorination of chlorinated hydrocarbons in soils, sediments, and ground water
Zhao, Don and He, Feng (Inventors).
Selective removal of phosphates and chromates from contaminated water by ion exchange
Sengupta, Arup and Zhao, Don (Inventors).