My research focuses on understanding how differential life circumstances—as a function of race and social class—influence health disparities across the life span. I approach this topic from a developmental perspective, considering contextual stresses during childhood, adolescence, and adulthood, and the biological and psychological mechanisms for their effects on health.

Dr. Fuller-Rowell's current research focuses on (1) examining the ways in which social stress and discrimination influence health and health disparities, (2) exploring the antecedents and sequelae of identity change, and (3) understanding how stresses associated with negative stigmatization combine with identity and other risk or protective factors to influence physical and mental health.

  • Group Health Disparities
  • Stress Physiology/Biomarkers
  • Discrimination
  • Social determinants of health
  • Social Mobility
Human Development
PhD, Cornell University , Developmental Psychology , 2010
MA, Cornell University , Human Development , 2007
BA, University of Colorado, Boulder , Psychology and Biochemistry , 2003