My research centers on the activity and evolution of comets and asteroids. What processes affect the observable gas surrounding comets? How are they connected to the formation of our solar system? How do they evolve through I try to answer these questions by combining telescopic observations with in-situ exploration by planetary missions (Rosetta, EPOXI, and Stardust NExT). My primary tools are Neil Gehrels-Swift Observatory, the Las Cumbres Observatory, and the Chandra X-ray Observatory.

Past Affiliations

Research Scientist, University of Maryland (past)

Postdoctoral Fellow, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (past)

PhD, University of Groningen, Netherlands, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, 2007
MS, University of Groningen, Netherlands, Experimental Physics, 2003
MS, University of Groningen, Netherlands, Astrophysics, 2003
atomic and molecular structure atomic physics atomic spectroscopy molecular spectroscopy aerospace environments auroras comets interplanetary spacecraft planetary environments
Dutch, English, French, German, Standard

Minor planet (10033) Bodewits, International Astronomical Union, 2017

NASA Group Achievement Award (Comet Siding Spring Observing team), NASA Headquarters, 2015

NASA Group Achievement Award (Comet Modelling, Prediction, and Assessment team), NASA Headquarters, 2015

NASA Group Achievement Award (EPOXI Science Team), NASA Headquarters, 2011

Van Swinderen Thesis Prize, Dutch Royal Physical Society (KNG), 2007

International Astronomical Union (IAU); American Geophysical Union (AGU); American Astronomical Society (AAS)