10 Publications
A quantitative description of the interspecies diversity of belowground structure in savanna woody plants
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Evapotranspiration comparisons between eddy covariance measurements and meteorological and remote-sensing-based models in disturbed ponderosa pine forests
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Multi-scale analysis of snow dynamics at the southern margin of the North American continental snow distribution
Sankey, TemuulenDonald, JonathonMcVay, JasonAshley, MariahO'Donnell, FrancesLopez, Sharon M and Springer, Abraham
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Semiā€Arid Aquifer Responses to Forest Restoration Treatments and Climate Change
Wyatt, Clinton JO'Donnell, Frances C and Springer, Abraham E
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An analysis of structure: biomass structure relationships for characteristic species of the western Kalahari, Botswana
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Effects of climate variability and accelerated forest thinning on watershed-scale runoff in southwestern USA ponderosa pine forests
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A model-based evaluation of woody plant encroachment effects on coupled carbon and water cycles
O'Donnell, F. C and Caylor, K. K
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Characterizing ecohydrological and biogeochemical connectivity across multiple scales: a new conceptual framework
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Evaluating ecohydrological theories of woody root distribution in the Kalahari.
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Reframing hydrology education to solve coupled human and environmental problems
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