Research Interests:

  • Mechanics of composites and heterogeneous materials
  • Energy harvesting through ferroic and multiferroic materials
  • Damage mechanics
  • Smart composites and engineered metamaterials

Keywords: Material Modeling, Impact Dynamics, Fatigue Failure, Microstructure-Property Relationship

Keywords:  Mechanics of Materials

Dr. Agrawal's research interests lie in understanding mechanics of materials at different length and time scales.

His primary area of interest is understanding how materials behave when subjected to extreme environments like shock loading.

Our work combines the theoretical, computational and experimental methods to study the mechanics of materials such as composites, polymers, geological materials, ferroic materials and in general, heterogeneous materials.

Research Areas:

  • Concurrent atomistic-continuum methods
  • Fracture and fatigue failure of AM materials
  • Planetary impact and crater formation
  • High strain-rate experimental mechanics
  • Damage modeling of polymers and composites

Research Areas: Aerospace Engineering

His research interests lie in the mechanics of materials under extreme environments.

He works on material modeling and simulations at multiple length scales and designing materials targeted at specific application by understanding fundamental processes at different length scales.

Areas: Materials and Structures

This laboratory focuses on understanding material response in dynamic environments, designing advanced materials by engineering at the microscale, developing multifunctional materials with desired properties targeted towards damage mitigation and energy harvesting.

Aerospace Engineering
PhD, California Institute of Technology, Mechanical Engineering, 2016
MS, California Institute of Technology, Mechanical Engineering, 2012
BS, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Mechanical Engineering, 2011
pulsed power ferroelectricity solid mechanics computational mechanics ceramic materials materials fatigue composite materials armor or protective materials wave motion phase transformations
American Physical Society
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Materials Research Society