Keywords: Disease Ecology, Ectoparasites, Conservation Biology, Primatology, Public Health

Zohdy is an expert in the areas of parasite-host dynamics, vector-borne diseases of humans and animals, primatology and conservation biology.

Research Interests: General topic areas include, parasite-host dynamics, primatology, wildlife disease ecology, vector-borne diseases, public health, and conservation biology. Zohdy is interested in the ecological and evolutionary drivers of disease in human and wildlife communities. Most of her research takes place in Madagascar, along the Gulf coast of Alabama, where she is taking a One Health approach to evaluate how anthropogenic disturbance influences vector-borne disease dynamics that threaten human and wildlife health.

Assistant Professor Sarah Zohdy is interested in the ecological and evolutionary drivers of disease in human and animal communities.

Our research focuses on the ecological and evolutionary drivers of disease dynamics.

Broadly, we are interested in the ecology and evolution of diseases and the underlying factors at the individual, population, and ecosystem levels that impact human, animal, and environmental health.

Our current projects:

  • The Coevolution Effect
  • Ink-jet Printable Pathogen Detection
  • One Health
  • Mosquitoes
  • Lice
  • Cats and Dogs on Islands

Subject areas:

  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Wildlife Ecology
  • Health
  • Wildlife Sciences
Past Affiliations
Wildlife and Wetlands Science, Forestry, Veterinary Medicine
PhD, University of Helsinki, Finland, Biological and Environmental Sciences, 2012
BS, Michigan State University, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, 2006
madagascar wildlife public health ecology parasitology primatology human impact disease ecology vector ecology mosquito