Research Interests

  • Sleep, Neural Circuitry, Cognition

Academic Areas

  • Neuroscience

Key Words

  • Sleep, Chemogenetics, Optogenetics, Learning, Memory, Alzheimer's Disease

Research Interests:

  • Have you ever wondered why it is harder to be attentive during a lecture after pulling an all-nighter? Ever had a cough or sore throat after celebrating with friends until sunrise? Ever felt cranky for no reason when something prevented you from getting your beauty sleep? Have you ever wondered whether there could be a connection between poor sleep and conditions like chronic pain, psychiatric illnesses or neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease?

He is passionate about investigating brain circuits regulating sleep and wakefulness, using advanced neuroscience methods in mice.

PhD, University Laval, 2008
MSc, Edinburgh University, United Kingdom, 2004
BSc, University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom, 2003