My lab focuses on reconstructing paleoenvironments using paleolimnological techniques in order to understand how ecosystems changed in the past and to more effectively manage for the future. We collect sediment cores from lakes and reservoirs to document the materials entering these systems (nutrients, metals, charcoal, pollen) as well as the responses of the primary producer community (algae, cyanobacteria, macrophytes). Projects focus on large scale ecosystem change (eutrophication, HABs, brownification, siltation, alt-ecosystem states) from human, climate and other environmental impacts. Recently, we have also started investigating guano cores from caves to reconstruct paleoenvironments of bat communities.

Environmental Science, Agronomy
PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Environmental Sciences, 2007
MS, University of Florida, Aquatic Sciences, 2000
BS, Mercer University, Environmental Science, 1997