Research Interests:

  • Smart manufacturing
  • Process modeling, monitoring and control
  • Big data analytics
  • Biogas conversion
  • Animal feed production


  • A System Identification Based Framework for Metabolic Network Analysis
  • Kinetic Modeling of Co-Culture Systems with a Novel Bioreactor and Pseudo-Continuous Fermentation
  • Dynamic Modeling of Metabolic Network Systems
  • Statistics Pattern Analysis-Next Generation Process Monitoring Framework
  • Understanding Cellular Metabolism of Methanotrophs

Our research focuses on two groups of complex dynamic systems: one is large-scale industrial processes, the other is biological systems.

Chemical Engineering
PhD, University of Texas at Austin, Chemical Engineering, 2004
PhD, Tsinghua University, China, Chemical Engineering, 1999
BS, Tsinghua University, China, Chemical Engineering, 1994
chemical engineering