Dr. Samoylova is a protein/peptide biochemist with multiyear experience in phage display technology. Phage display is a powerful technique for identifying peptides or proteins that specifically recognize and bind to particular molecular targets. For more than 15 years, she has been applying phage display as a discovery tool for development of highly specific peptide-based diagnostic and therapeutic agents for numerous applications in human and veterinary medicine including cell targeting in genetic diseases, cancer and immunocontraception. Over the years, development of contraceptive vaccines for control of wild and feral animal populations has become Dr. Samoylova’s primary research interest and is currently the major focus of her laboratory.

Past Affiliations
PhD, Institute of Experimental Botany, Minsk, Belarus, Biochemistry, 1991
MS, Kiev National University, Ukraine, Botany and Zoology, 1982
veterinary medicine