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New record of Trissolcus solocis (Hymenoptera: Scelionidae) parasitising Halyomorpha halys (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) in the United States of America
Balusu, Rammohan RBalusu, Rammohan RCottrell, Ted ECottrell, Ted ETalamas, Elijah JTalamas, Elijah JToews, Michael DToews, Michael DBlaauw, Brett RBlaauw, Brett RSial, Ashfaq ASial, Ashfaq ABuntin, David GBuntin, David GVinson, Edgar LVinson, Edgar LFadamiro, Henry YFadamiro, Henry YTillman, Glynn P and Tillman, Glynn P
Biodiversity Data Journal, (no. 7), 2019-02-01. | Journal Article
Prediction of Flower Emergence and Evaluation of Cropping Potential in Selected Banana Cultivars (Musa sp.) Cultivated in Subtropical Conditions of Coastal Alabama
Vinson, Edgar LVinson, Edgar LVinson, Edgar LVinson, Edgar LVinson, Edgar LConeva, Elina DConeva, Elina DConeva, Elina DConeva, Elina DConeva, Elina DKemble, Joseph MKemble, Joseph MKemble, Joseph MKemble, Joseph MKemble, Joseph MWoods, Floyd MWoods, Floyd MWoods, Floyd MWoods, Floyd MWoods, Floyd MSibley, Jeff LSibley, Jeff LSibley, Jeff LSibley, Jeff LSibley, Jeff LFonsah, Esendugue GFonsah, Esendugue GFonsah, Esendugue GFonsah, Esendugue GFonsah, Esendugue GPerkins-Veazie, Penelope MPerkins-Veazie, Penelope MPerkins-Veazie, Penelope MPerkins-Veazie, Penelope MPerkins-Veazie, Penelope MKessler, J. RaymondKessler, J. RaymondKessler, J. RaymondKessler, J. Raymond and Kessler, J. Raymond
HortScience, vol. 53, (no. 11), pp. 1639, 2018-11-00. | Journal Article
In vitro screening and evaluation of phenolic antioxidant-linked anti-hyperglycemic functions of rabbit-eye blueberry (Vaccinium ashei) cultivars
Sarkar, DipayanSarkar, DipayanSarkar, DipayanAgustinah, WidyaAgustinah, WidyaAgustinah, WidyaWoods, FloydWoods, FloydWoods, FloydConeva, ElinaConeva, ElinaConeva, ElinaVinson, EdgarVinson, EdgarVinson, EdgarShetty, KalidasShetty, Kalidas and Shetty, Kalidas
Journal of Berry Research, vol. 7, (no. 3), pp. 177, 2017-08-18. | Journal Article
Abstracts from Presentations at the ASEV Eastern Section 37th Annual Meeting & National Viticulture Research Conference, 16–19 July 2012, Traverse City, MIQuantitative Analysis of Phytic Acid in Grape Seeds, Stems, and Berries of Cabernet franc and Petit VerdotUnderstanding the Relationship between Fermentation-Derived Aromas and Juice Nitrogen CompositionEffect of Cold Soak and On-Skin Fermentation on the Phenolic Content of Aromatic White WinesComposition of Enological Nutrients and Their Effect on Malolactic FermentationAmino Acid Profiles and Yeast Assimilable Nitrogen in Hybrid Winegrapes from the Eastern United StatesValidation Study of Stir Bar Sorptive Extraction of Ultratrace Volatile Compounds in WinesAn Investigation of the Relationship between Ethyl Acetate Production and Osmotic Stress in Saccharomyces cerevisiae K1-V1116 during High Brix FermentationsEvaluating the Role of Botrytis cinerea in Its Noble Form in Appassimento Wine Production using Five Postharvest Grape Drying MethodsManagement of Sour Rot in the Niagara RegionLate-Season Sulfur Spray Persistence in the Vineyard and during WinemakingEffects of Exogenous Abscisic Acid on Freezing Tolerance and Soluble Sugars in Buds of Cabernet franc and Chambourcin GrapevinesVegetative Growth, Cropping Potential, and Fruit Quality of Pierce’s Disease Tolerant American and French-American Hybrid Bunch Grape Cultivars in AlabamaVineyard Floor Management with Cover Crops in a Mature Cabernet franc VineyardVines of Different Capacity and Water Status Alter the Sensory Perception of Cabernet Sauvignon WinesEffects on Leaf Photosynthesis, Source Sink Relations, and Fruit Quality of Late Season Application of Foliar UreaEffects of Grow Tubes and Pruning at Transplanting on Grapevine Establishment in the Upper MidwestImpact of Viticultural Practices on Fruit Quality of Cabernet franc Grown under Michigan ClimateSpatial Variation in Pruning Weight and Implications for Managing Vine Size in Concord GrapesEffect of the Timing of Leaf Removal on Green and Fruity Aromas and Flavors of ( Vitis vinifera L. cv.) Pinot noir WineEarly Defoliation for Improved Yield Components and Grape Composition of Vitis vinifera L. Chardonnay and Pinot noirImpacts of Late-Season Fungicide Applications on Fermentation and Sensory CharacteristicsCabernet franc Grapevine Response to Root-Zone ManagementVine Responses to Potato Leafhopper at Leaf and Vine Scales: Implications for Vineyard ManagementStrobilurin (QoI) Resistance in Populations of Erysiphe necator on Grapes in MichiganFinger Lakes versus World Riesling: Defining Monovarietal Typicity across Expert and Consumer PanelsRelationship of 3-Isobutyl-2-Methoxypyrazine (IBMP) with 3-Isobutyl-2-Hydroxypyrazine and Removal of IBMP from Musts Using Nonpolar SorbentsCopigmentation: Possible Benefits in Wine ProductionEvaluation of the Infection and Mortality of Crown Gall-free Grapevines under Field ConditionsEfficacy of Insecticides for Control of Leaf PhylloxeraDevelopment of Berry Growth Curves in Hybrid and Vitis vinifera Grapes to Enable Crop Estimation and Crop Adjustment in New YorkIsolation and Characterization of Agrobacterium vitis from Asymptomatic Concord GrapevinesCombined Titrametric Analysis of Titratable Acidity and Yeast Assimilable NitrogenNorth Dakota State University Grape Germplasm Enhancement ProjectThe Changing World of Vineyard Arthropod ManagementMicrooxygenation in Wine: Current StatusTraining Effects on St. Croix Grapevines in ConnecticutGrowing Winegrapes in MichiganDiagnosis of Grapevine Virus Diseases in Michigan VineyardsLate-Season Chasmothecium Production and Dispersal of Erysiphe necator in MichiganNational Clean Plant Network for Grapes: Progress and AccomplishmentsUsing Choice Exercises and Mixture Designs to Optimize Nutraceutical-Rich Juice Based on Health-Oriented and Sensory Attributes
...He, ZhiyuHe, Zhiyu...He, ZhiyuNisbet, MarkNisbet, MarkNisbet, MarkSchmitt, Diane MSchmitt, Diane MSchmitt, Diane M.Sudano, Alison MSudano, Alison M.Sudano, Alison MStewart, Amanda CStewart, Amanda C.Stewart, Amanda CZhang, YanmeiZhang, YanmeiZhang, YanmeiHeit, CaitlinHeit, CaitlinHeit, CaitlinBock, IanBock, IanBock, IanHuber, CristinaHuber, CristinaHuber, CristinaKwasniewski, Misha TKwasniewski, Misha TKwasniewski, Misha T.Zhang, YiZhang, YiZhang, YiHu, YilannaHu, YilannaHu, YilannaBowman, SarahBowman, SarahBowman, SarahHickey, Cain CHickey, Cain C.Hickey, Cain CTozzini, LetiziaTozzini, LetiziaTozzini, LetiziaStenger, John EStenger, John EStenger, John E.Zhuang, ShijianZhuang, ShijianZhuang, ShijianTaylor, James ATaylor, James A.Taylor, James AKemp, Belinda SKemp, Belinda SKemp, Belinda S.Sabbatini, PaoloSabbatini, PaoloSabbatini, PaoloGerling, ChristopherGerling, ChristopherGerling, ChristopherCentinari, MichelaCentinari, MichelaCentinari, MichelaIsaacs, RufusIsaacs, RufusIsaacs, RufusSchilder, Annemiek C.Schilder, Annemiek CSchilder, Annemiek CMansfield, Anna KatharineMansfield, Anna KatharineMansfield, Anna KatharineHarris, Sarah AHarris, Sarah A.Harris, Sarah AHendricks, RyanHendricks, RyanHendricks, RyanZabadal, Thomas JZabadal, Thomas J.Zabadal, Thomas JBordelon, Bruce PBordelon, Bruce P.Bordelon, Bruce PGee, Jodi CreasapGee, Jodi CreasapGee, Jodi CreasapGee, Christopher TGee, Christopher T.Gee, Christopher TGump, Barry HGump, Barry H.Gump, Barry HHatterman-Valenti, Harlene MHatterman-Valenti, Harlene MNail, William R.Nail, William RNail, William RPerry, RonPerry, RonStriegler, R. KeithStriegler, R. KeithLawless, Lydia J. R.Lawless, Lydia J. RLawless, Lydia J. RTrela, BrentTrela, BrentTrela, BrentMartinson, TimMartinson, TimMartinson, TimSacks, GavinSacks, GavinManns, David C.Sacks, GavinManns, David CManns, David Cde Orduña, Ramón MiraButzke, Christian E.de Orduña, Ramón Mirade Orduña, Ramón MiraInglis, DebraButzke, Christian EButzke, Christian EInglis, DebraMcFadden-Smith, WendyInglis, DebraMcFadden-Smith, WendyMcFadden-Smith, WendyWilcox, Wayne F.Wilcox, Wayne FWilcox, Wayne FSacks, Gavin L.Sacks, Gavin LDami, ImedSacks, Gavin LDami, ImedConeva, ElinaDami, ImedConeva, ElinaVinson, EdgarConeva, ElinaVinson, EdgarVinson, EdgarKessler, J. RaymondKessler, J. RaymondKessler, J. RaymondSpiers, JaySpiers, JaySpiers, JayTaylor, BradleyDucar, JoyceDucar, JoyceTaylor, BradleyTaylor, BradleyWolf, Tony K.Wolf, Tony KWolf, Tony KBates, Terence R.Harrison, RolandSedcole, RichardBeaudry, RandyBeaudry, RandyBates, Terence RBates, Terence RCreasy, Glen L.Harrison, RolandHarrison, RolandAcimovic, DanaSedcole, RichardSedcole, RichardWalter-Peterson, HansColizzi, MichaelCreasy, Glen LCreasy, Glen LAcimovic, DanaPreston-Wilsey, LuannAcimovic, DanaWalter-Peterson, HansRaes, PamWalter-Peterson, HansColizzi, MichaelColizzi, MichaelWilcox, WaynePreston-Wilsey, LuannPreston-Wilsey, LuannRaes, PamMansfield, Anna K.Raes, PamWilcox, WayneWilcox, WayneBauerle, Taryn L.Vanden Heuvel, Justine EVan Timmeren, SteveVanden Heuvel, Justine EMansfield, Anna KMansfield, Anna KLenz, Marcel S.Bauerle, Taryn LBauerle, Taryn LHowell, G. StanleyVan Timmeren, SteveFlore, James A.Van Timmeren, SteveMurad, PatLenz, Marcel SLenz, Marcel SHowell, G. StanleyHowell, G. StanleyMiles, Laura A.Flore, James AMiles, Timothy D.Flore, James AMurad, PatMurad, PatMiles, Laura ANisbet, Mark A.Miles, Laura AMiles, Timothy DRyona, ImeldaMiles, Timothy DKirk, William WKirk, William WReinhardt, JohannesJenkins, PaulNisbet, Mark ANisbet, Mark ARyona, ImeldaRyona, ImeldaBerglund, Kris A.Bordelon, BruceReinhardt, JohannesReinhardt, JohannesJenkins, PaulJenkins, PaulBriggs, JayCunningham, CraigMiller, DavidMiller, DaviddeSchaaf, MikeBerglund, Kris ABerglund, Kris ABordelon, BruceBordelon, BruceElsner, ErwinFricke, TomBriggs, JayBriggs, JayCunningham, CraigCunningham, CraigLongcore, JimNitz, RondeSchaaf, MikedeSchaaf, MikeTravis, JimElsner, ErwinElsner, ErwinFricke, TomFricke, TomHoward, PaulLongcore, JimLongcore, JimNitz, RonNitz, RonErie, Penn StateTravis, JimTravis, JimPlocher, TomHoward, PaulMason, Keith S.Howard, PaulBates, TerryBates, TerryRoubos, CraigErie, Penn StateJenkins, Paul E.Erie, Penn StateWise, John C.Plocher, TomPlocher, TomMiller, DaveMason, Keith SMason, Keith SBurns, JamesRoubos, CraigRoubos, CraigGillett, Jerri M.Jenkins, Paul EJenkins, Paul EPowers, Karen L.Wise, John CRothwell, Nikki L.Wise, John CSim, Sue T.Golino, DeborahThrelfall, Renee T. and Meullenet, Jean-François
American Journal of Enology and Viticulture, vol. 63, (no. 4), pp. 589A, 2012-12-00. | Journal Article
Use of External Indicators to Predict Maturity of Mini-watermelon Fruit
Vinson, Edgar LVinson, Edgar LVinson, Edgar LWoods, Floyd MWoods, Floyd MWoods, Floyd MKemble, Joseph MKemble, Joseph MKemble, Joseph MPerkins-Veazie, PenelopePerkins-Veazie, PenelopePerkins-Veazie, PenelopeDavis, AngelaDavis, AngelaDavis, AngelaKessler, J. RaymondKessler, J. Raymond and Kessler, J. Raymond
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Mayfield, Joshua LSimonne, Eric HMitchell, Charles CSibley, Jeff LBoozer, Robert T and Vinson, Edgar L
Journal of Plant Nutrition, vol. 25, (no. 1), pp. 15, 1/30/2002. | Journal Article
Evaluation of New Okra Cultivars for Bare Ground and Plasticulture Production
Simonne, Eric HSimonne, EricHochmuth, B.Hochmuth, BobSimons, J.Simons, JeffVinson, EdgarVinson, E. ICaylor, A. and Caylor, Arnold
HortTechnology, vol. 12, (no. 3), pp. 476, 20020701. | Journal Article
Mayfield, J.L.Mayfield, Joshua LSimonne, Eric HSimonne, Eric HMitchell, C.C.Mitchell, Charles CSibley, J.L.Sibley, Jeff LEakes, D.J.Eakes, D. JosephBoozer, R.T.Boozer, Robert TVinson, E.L. I and Vinson, Edgar L
Journal of Plant Nutrition, vol. 24, (no. 1), pp. 99, 2/26/2001. | Journal Article
Web-based Resource for Accessing Vegetable Variety Trial Information
Simonne, EricHarris, ChristineVinson, Edgar and Dane, Karen
HortScience, vol. 35, (no. 4), pp. 569b, 20000701. | Journal Article