My scientific interests are broad, but generally focus on understanding how variation within and across species influence patterns and processes in aquatic communities along productivity gradients. I use a model system consisting of recently cultured, clonal cyanobacteria and herbivorous zooplankton to study how interactions between these critters influence the development of harmful cyanobacterial blooms. Such events can poison freshwater habitats used for recreation and drinking water. Other research in the lab includes, understanding the effects of invasive species on community structure, meta-analysis, concerns with evaluating the ecological literature, and mutualisms. Broadly interested in understanding the ecology of freshwater lakes, ponds, and reservoirs. Specifically, he studies the abiotic and biotic mechanisms mediating the promotion or control of freshwater harmful algal blooms and taste-and-odor events in aquaculture ponds, recreational reservoirs, and drinking water reservoirs. Alan also studies the threat that harmful algal blooms pose to livestock.

Marine Biology, Fishing, Fisheries Science, Ocean Sciences
PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology , Applied Biology; Minor in Chemical Ecology , 2006
MS, Michigan State University , Fisheries and Wildlife, Specialization in Ecology , 2001
BA, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill , Biology , 1997
fish and fisheries