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Promoting differentiation of cultured myoblasts using biomimetic surfaces that present alpha-laminin-2 peptides
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Decisions, decisions! E-portfolio as an effective hiring assessment tool
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Determining the Effects of Past Negative Experiences Involving Patient Care
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The Relationship of Moral Distress, Ethical Environment and Nurse Job Satisfaction
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Comparing centralized vs. decentralized nursing unit design as a determinant of stress and job satisfaction
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Mission possible CD ROM: Instructional tool for preceptors
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The Effects of Simulated Clinical Experiences on Anxiety: Nursing Students' Perspectives
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Less Talk; More Action: SBAR as an Interactive Approach for Ethical Decision- Making
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Reforming perspectives: MSN graduates' knowledge, attitudes and awareness of self-transformation.
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Reforming Perspectives: MSN Graduates' Knowledge, Attitudes and Awareness of Self-Transformation
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Ethics: The Power of One
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Broadening the Knowledge of the LPN Long-Term Care Provider: A Pilot Study
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Influenza vaccination administration by junior and senior nursing students
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SYLLABUS SELECTION: Innovative Learning Activity
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Lights, camera, action: using feature films to stimulate emancipatory learning in the RN to BSN student.
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Shared Decision-Making in Nursing Education
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The meaning of hope: A phenomenological case study of a heart-lung transplant recipient (Dissertation)
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Assessing Codependency and Family Pathology in Nursing Students
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