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Economic Hardship, Financial Distress, and Marital Quality: The Role of Relational Aggression
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Connections Among Identity, Attachment, and Psychological Dating Aggression During Adolescence
Saint-Eloi Cadely, HansKerpelman, Jennifer L and Pittman, Joe F
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Erikson and the Relational Context of Identity: Strengthening Connections With Attachment Theory
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Change in Disagreements About Money, Time, and Sex and Marital Outcomes
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Corrigendum to “Identity and intimacy during adolescence: Connections among identity styles, romantic attachment and identity commitment” [J. Adolesc. 35 (2012) 1427–1439]
Kerpelman, JenniferKerpelman, JenniferKerpelman, JenniferPittman, JoePittman, JoePittman, JoeCadely, HansCadely, HansCadely, HansTuggle, FeliciaTuggle, FeliciaTuggle, FeliciaHarrell-Levy, MarindaHarrell-Levy, MarindaHarrell-Levy, MarindaAdler Baeder, FrancescaAdler-Baeder, Francesca and Adler-Baeder, Francesca
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Engagement in Risky Sexual Behavior
Kerpelman, Jennifer LKerpelman, Jennifer LMcElwain, Alyssa DMcElwain, Alyssa DPittman, Joe FPittman, Joe FAdler Baeder, Francesca M and Adler-Baeder, Francesca M
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Evaluation and lessons learned from an undergraduate service learning course providing youth-focused relationship education.
McElwain, AlyssaMcElwain, AlyssaMcElwain, AlyssaFinnegan, VanessaFinnegan, VanessaFinnegan, VanessaWhittaker, AngelaWhittaker, AngelaWhittaker, AngelaKerpelman, JenniferKerpelman, JenniferKerpelman, JenniferAdler Baeder, FrancescaAdler-Baeder, FrancescaAdler-Baeder, FrancescaDuke, AdrienneDuke, Adrienne and Duke, Adrienne
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“Minds were forced wide open:” Black adolescents’ identity exploration in a transformative Social Justice class
Harrell-Levy, MarindaKerpelman, Jennifer and Henry, Daniel
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Practices of Exemplary Transformative Teachers, as Perceived by Students Transformed by an Urban High School Social Justice Course
Harrell-levy, MarindaHarrell-Levy, MarindaKerpelman, JenniferKerpelman, JenniferHenry, Daniel and Henry, Daniel
The Urban Review, vol. 48, (no. 1), pp. 73-100, Mar 2016. | Journal Article
The Role of Relational Instability on Individual and Partner Outcomes Following Couple Relationship Education Participation
McGill, JulianneMcGill, JulianneMcGill, JulianneMc Gill, JulianneAdler-Baeder, FrancescaAdler-Baeder, FrancescaAdler Baeder, FrancescaAdler-Baeder, FrancescaBradford, AngelaBradford, Angela BBradford, Angela BBradford, Angela BKerpelman, JenniferKerpelman, JenniferKerpelman, JenniferKerpelman, JenniferKetring, ScottKetring, Scott AKetring, Scott AKetring, Scott ASollie, DonnaSollie, DonnaSollie, Donna and Sollie, Donna
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Young Adolescents' Shared Leisure Activities With Close Friends and Dating Partners: Associations with Supportive Communication and Relationship Satisfaction
Felicia J TuggleJennifer Kerpelman and Joe Pittman
Journal of Leisure Research, vol. 48, (no. 5), pp. 374, Oct 20, 2016. | Journal Article
Exploring the Experiences of Female Emerging Adult Mentors
McGill, JulianneMc Gill, JulianneMcGill, JulianneAdler Baeder, FrancescaAdler-Baeder, FrancescaAdler-Baeder, FrancescaSollie, Donna LSollie, Donna LSollie, Donna LKerpelman, Jennifer LKerpelman, Jennifer L and Kerpelman, Jennifer L
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The Relationship between Perceived Transformative Class Experiences and Subsequent Prosocial Intentions
Harrell-Levy, Marinda and Kerpelman, Jennifer
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The role of romantic attachment security and dating identity exploration in understanding adolescents' sexual attitudes and cumulative sexual risk-taking.
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Career Identity Among Community College Students
Stringer, Kate J and Kerpelman, Jennifer L
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Parental Support, Psychological Control, and Early Adolescents' Relationships with Friends and Dating Partners
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Relationship Education and Classroom Climate Impact on Adolescents' Standards for Partners/Relationships
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Reputation Enhancement and School Delinquency
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A longitudinal examination of career preparation and adjustment during the transition from high school
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Identity and intimacy during adolescence: Connections among identity styles, romantic attachment and identity commitment
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Identity exploration in the dating domain: The role of attachment dimensions and parenting practices
Pittman, Joe FKerpelman, Jennifer LSoto, Janet B and Adler Baeder, Francesca
Journal of Adolescence, vol. 35, (no. 6), Dec 2012. | Journal Article
Parenting and Children's Self-Control: Concurrent and Longitudinal Relations
Crosswhite Gamble, Jennifer M and Kerpelman, Jennifer L
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The intersection of identity development and peer relationship processes in adolescence and young adulthood: Contributions of the special issue
Galliher, Renee V and Kerpelman, Jennifer L
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Associations between dimensions of security in romantic relationships and interpersonal competence among dating and non-dating high school adolescents
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Attachment, Identity, and Intimacy: Parallels Between Bowlby's and Erikson's Paradigms
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