11 Publications
Hepatitis B Virus Reactivation Following Treatment of HNSCC With Cisplatin
Crosby, JamesSmith, ForrestGanti, Subramanya S and Bailey, Samuel
Journal of Investigative Medicine High Impact Case Reports, vol. 10, Jan 2022. | Journal Article
Secondary Extramedullary Myeloma of the Gallbladder: A Case Report
Jenkins, Joshua KSmith, ForrestGanti, Subramanya S and
Journal of Investigative Medicine High Impact Case Reports, vol. 10, Jan 2022. | Journal Article
Improved Ocular Delivery of Nepafenac by Cyclodextrin Complexation.
Shelley, HaleyGrant, MakenzieSmith, Forrest TAbarca, Eva M and Jayachandra Babu, R
AAPS PharmSciTech, June 13, 2018. | Journal Article
The role of frataxin in doxorubicin-mediated cardiac hypertrophy.
Mouli, ShravanthiMouli, ShravanthiMouli, ShravanthiMouli, ShravanthiMouli, ShravanthiMouli, ShravanthiNanayakkara, GayaniNanayakkara, GayaniNanayakkara, GayaniNanayakkara, GayaniNanayakkara, GayaniNanayakkara, GayaniAlAlasmari, AbdullahAlAlasmari, AbdullahAlAlasmari, AbdullahAlalasmari, A.AlAlasmari, AbdullahAlAlasmari, AbdullahAlAlasmari, AbdullahEldoumani, HaithamEldoumani, HaithamEldoumani, HaithamEldoumani, HaithamEldoumani, HaithamEldoumani, HaithamFu, XiaoyuFu, XiaoyuFu, XiaoyuFu, XiaoyuFu, XiaoyuFu, XiaoyuBerlin, AveryBerlin, AveryBerlin, AveryBerlin, AveryBerlin, AveryBerlin, AveryLohani, MadhukarLohani, MadhukarLohani, MadhukarLohani, MadhukarLohani, MadhukarLohani, MadhukarNie, BenNie, BenNie, BenNie, BenNie, BenNie, BenArnold, Robert DArnold, Robert DArnold, Robert DArnold, Robert DArnold, Robert DArnold, Robert DKavazis, AndreasKavazis, AndreasKavazis, AndreasKavazis, AndreasKavazis, AndreasKavazis, AndreasSmith, ForrestSmith, ForrestSmith, ForrestSmith, ForrestSmith, ForrestSmith, ForrestBeyers, RonaldBeyers, RonaldBeyers, RonaldBeyers, RonaldBeyers, RonaldBeyers, RonaldDenney, ThomasDenney, ThomasDenney, ThomasDenney, ThomasDenney, ThomasDenney, ThomasDhanasekaran, MuralikrishnanDhanasekaran, MuralikrishnanDhanasekaran, MuralikrishnanDhanasekaran, MuralikrishnanDhanasekaran, MuralikrishnanDhanasekaran, MuralikrishnanZhong, JumingZhong, JumingZhong, JumingZhong, JumingZhong, JumingZhong, JumingQuindry, JohnQuindry, JohnQuindry, JohnQuindry, JohnQuindry, JohnQuindry, JohnAmin, RajeshAmin, RajeshAmin, RajeshAmin, RajeshAmin, Rajesh and Amin, Rajesh
American journal of physiology. Heart and circulatory physiology, vol. 309, (no. 5), pp. H844-H859, September 2015. | Journal Article
Analytical Differentiation of 1‑Alkyl-3-acylindoles and 1‑Acyl-3-alkylindoles: Isomeric Synthetic Cannabinoids
DeRuiter, JackDeRuiter, JackSmith, Forrest TSmith, Forrest TAbdel-Hay, KarimAbdel-Hay, KarimClark, C Randall and Clark, C. Randall
Analytical Chemistry, vol. 86, (no. 8), pp. 3808, 20140415. | Journal Article
Synthesis of 1,2,3,12a,12b‐Hexahydrocyclopropa‐[1,2‐d]benzo[f]pyrrolo[1,2‐b]isoquinolin‐5,7‐dione related to duocarmycins and anthramycin
Venkatram, AtigaddaVenkatram, AtigaddaColley, TaraColley, TaraDeruiter, JackDeruiter, JackSmith, Forrest and Smith, Forrest
Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry, vol. 42, (no. 2), pp. 301, March 2005. | Journal Article
Synthesis of 1,2,3,12a,12b‐Hexahydrocyclopropa[1,2‐d]benzo[f]pyrrolo [1,2‐b]isoquinolin‐5,7‐dione Related to Duocarmycins and Anthramycin
Venkatram, AtigaddaVenkatram, AtigaddaColley, TaraColley, TaraDeRuiter, JackDe Ruiter, JackSmith, Forrest and Smith, Forrest
ChemInform, vol. 36, (no. 33), pp. no, August 16, 2005. | Journal Article
Effects of [(N-Alkyl-1,3-dihydro-1-oxoisoindolin-5-yl)oxy]alkanoic Acids on Chloride Transport in Primary Astroglial Cultures
Waller, Chris LWyrick, Steven DPark, Hee MEvans Kemp, W and Smith, Forrest T
Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, vol. 83, (no. 4), pp. 576, April 1994. | Journal Article
Antitumor agents. 89. Psychorubrin, a new cytotoxic naphthoquinone from Psychotria rubra and its structure-activity relationships
Hayashi, ToshimitsuSmith, Forrest T and Lee, Kuo Hsiung
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, vol. 30, (no. 11), pp. 2008, 19871101. | Journal Article
Effects of [(N-alkyl-1,3-dioxo-1H,3H-isoindolin-5-yl)oxy]alkanoic acids, [(N-alkyl-1-oxo-1H,3H-isoindolin-5-yl)oxy]butanoic acids, and related derivatives on chloride influx in primary astroglial cultures
Wyrick, Steven DSmith, Forrest TKemp, W. Evans and Grippo, Anne A
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, vol. 30, (no. 10), pp. 1806, 19871001. | Journal Article
Smith, Forrest T (1985).