Academic Areas:

  • Kinesiology
  • Physical Activity and Health

Wadsworth’s research applies a Social Cognitive perspective to physical activity promotion, which theorizes that behavior is a function of the environment and the person. Specifically, she focuses on understanding the psychological, social, environmental, and behavioral determinants of long-term exercise behavior across the lifespan and implementing behavioral and ecological physical activity interventions that empower individuals to self-regulate their exercise behavior.

Wadsworth’s outreach activities focus on providing exercise opportunities for the community.

Wadsworth’s lab has conducted several cohorts of a women’s fitness program that enables women to engage in High Intensity Exercise Training.

My primary research focus is to develop, implement and assess behavioral physical activity and exercise interventions.

Current projects

  • Effect of environmental climates on physical activity participation in physical education
  • Effect of policy changes on in-school physical activity
  • Use of technology to increase exercise adherence and behavior
  • Physical activity patterns of preschool children and interventions to increase physical activity among preschoolers
  • Implementation and Assessment of worksite physical activity programs

Current research projects include:

  • The effect of HIIT training on psychological and physical parameters
  • Adherence to HIIT training protocols
  • Effect of sedentary behavior on psychological and physical parameters
  • The use of short messaging service to promote exercise adherence
  • The use of a mobile website to increase National Guard members’ physical readiness
  • The effect of school policies on in-school physical activity and nutrition consumption
  • The effect of motivational climates on preschoolers time-on-task and physical activity

My outreach projects center around implementing physical activity programs for the community.

Current Projects:

  • Faculty and Staff Fitness programs
  • Faculty and Staff physical activity assessment
  • Physical Activity and Motor Assessments for elementary students
  • Implementing movement programs for preschoolers
Physical Education, Allied Health
PhD, University of Mississippi, Exercise Science, 2005
MS, Baylor University, Exercise Physiology, 1999
BS, Lenior-Rhyne College, Sports Medicine, 1997
health and medicine