Development of cost effective, environmentally friendly and efficient methods of handling large amounts of crop residues prior to planting and/or tillage operations. Determination of shearing, cutting, and moving characteristics of crop residues which may include previous crop or a cover crop in order to select the optimum time or attachments for residue manipulation. Development of BMP's to assist growers in selecting various components of their planting/tillage system based on variations in soil type, soil water storage capacity, weed pressure, expected rainfall, and expected seasonal variations. Development/design of equipment for a conservation tillage system to enhance soil properties associated with infiltration, runoff, and water retention.


Soil And Water Research, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Agricultural Research Service (ARS) - Mid South Area, Research Education and Economics, United States Department of Agriculture

Affiliate Faculty, Department of Biosystems Engineering, Samuel Ginn College of Engineering, Auburn University

soil sciences