Research Interests:

  • development of computational algorithmic thinking
  • complex cognitive skill development
  • access to healthcare information and services for under-served populations
  • intersectionality in computing
  • computer-supported collaborative learning


  • computational thinking, computational algorithmic thinking, healthcare information accessibility, game design for social change, cognitive skill/capability development, scientific reasoning using expert cases. 

Her research interests include exploring the development of computational algorithmic thinking, Intersectional Computing promoting access to healthcare information and services for under-served populations, improving reasoning using expert cases, scientific reasoning, complex cognitive skills learning, and computer-supported collaborative learning.  

Research projects:

  • Supporting Computational Algorithmic Thinking (SCAT)
  • Mtoto-Bebe
  • It's All In The Mix
  • Bedside Manner Experience Development (BedMED)

Our work focuses on engaging end users in the participatory design (i.e. co-creation) of technologies to meet their needs as well as exploring the development of complex cognitive skills and capabilities as a result.  

Computer Software, Computer Science, Computer Engineering
PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology, Computer Science, 2006
BS, Spelman College, Computer Science, 1999