Sedimentary geology, including clastic sedimentology, sedimentary petrology, tectonics and stratigraphy, basin analysis and provenance studies of sequences deposited primarily in orogenic systems. He continues to work on (1) aspects related to petroleum source rock and reservoir potentials in Carboniferous Midland Basin of Texas and Cenozoic sequences of the Himalayan foreland basin; and (2) generating mineralogical profiles of arsenic contaminated sediments at foreland basins of the Himalayas and the Appalachians.

Past Affiliations

Assistant Professor, Geology
2000 - 2005

Assistant Professor, Geology and Geography, College of Agriculture, Auburn University
1999 - 2005

Associate Professor, Department of Geosciences, College of Sciences and Mathematics, Auburn University
2005 - 2011

Geology, Geography
PhD, Florida State University, Geology, 1996
MS, University of Hawaii, Geology and Geophysics, 1987
MS, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, Geology, 1982
BS, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, Geology, 1980
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