Geochronology and Petrology. Active research interests include measurement of geologic age with advanced 40Ar/39Ar techniques and evaluating the pressure-temperature-time evolution of earth materials.

A principal interest of Dr. Hames is the interpretation of Earth's tectonic history as recorded in igneous and metamorphic rocks and minerals. The general approach to this work is first to study the regional tectonic history of terrains through field mapping and petrology, and then to proceed with more detailed research into the processes that form or change the chemical and isotopic composition of minerals.

Much of the current research by Dr. Hames and his students focuses on the evolution of the Early Jurassic 'Central Atlantic Magmatic Province' or CAMP.

Geology, Geography
PhD, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Geology, 1990
MS, University of Georgia, Geology, 1988
BS, University of Georgia, Geology, 1982