Dr. Horzmann is interested in the connection between environmental, veterinary, and human health following the “One Health” concept. Her focus is on determining the potential health effects of developmental exposure to common drinking water contaminants by using the zebrafish biomedical model. Interests include developmental toxicity of chemical mixtures, the developmental origins of health and disease as related to toxicant exposures, and zebrafish behavior


Past Affiliations

PhD Student, School of Health Sciences, College of Health and Human Sciences, Purdue University (past)

Veterinary Medicine
PhD, Purdue University, Toxicology, 2018
MS, Purdue University, Veterinary Pathology, 2014
DVM, University of Missouri-Columbia, Veterinary Medicine, 2011
MPH, University of Missouri-Columbia, Veterinary Public Health, 2010
BS, University of Missouri-Columbia, Animal Science, 2007
zebrafish pathology toxicology environmental toxicology