Areas: Fluid Dynamics, Aerodynamics, Propulsion, Applied Fluids Research

This laboratory focuses on the application of fluid dynamics and experimental techniques to solve challenges in aerospace and biomedical engineering. In aerospace engineering we are interested understanding - helicopter and wind turbine aeromechanics and rotary UAVs; biomedical engineering applications include cardiovascular and respiratory flows.

Research Interests:

  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Unsteady Aerodynamics
  • Biofluid Mechanics
  • Rotorcraft
  • Experimental Techniques

Keywords/Tags: Fluid Dynamics Experimental Techniques Biofluid Mechanics Rotorcraft

Current research spans unsteady separated flows over rotating wings, multi-rotor aeromechanics, biomechanics of avian gust interactions, plume-surface interactions, pulsatile droplet-laden flows, heart valve flows, and respiratory diseases.


  • Unsteady Aerodynamics
  • Multirotor Aeromechanics
  • Cardiovascular Flow
  • Respiratory Flow
Aerospace Engineering
BS, National Institute of Technology, Mechanical Engineering
MS, Georgia Institute of Technology, Aerospace Engineering
PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology, Aerospace Engineering