His research focuses in three broad areas: social justice and equity in education, motivation in education, and educational research methodology.

His work also emphasizes the role of race and racism, understanding most oppressive experiences in education as the end product of white supremacist cisheteropatriarchy. In motivation in education, his work focuses on time-related academic behavior (e.g., procrastination and timely engagement) and expectancy-value theory.

Subject Categories

  • Education & Educational Research Psychology Social Issues Sport Sciences Religion


  • Motivation, Equity, Quantitative, LGBTQ, Queer, Regression, Confirmatory factor analysis, Measurement, Classical test theory, Kamden Strunk



Director, Research Initiative on Social Justice and Equity

Women's and Gender Studies Program, College of Liberal Arts, Auburn University

Educational Leadership
PhD, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Educational Psychology, 2012
MS, Evangel University, Springfield, Psychology, 2009
BA, Evangel University, Springfield, Psychology, Biblical Studies, and Biblical Languages, 2007
social justice education educational tests & measurements learning motivation higher education lgbt queer
American Educational Research Association
American Psychological Association