Subject Area

  • Solid-Earth Processes

The main fields of my research group are Igneous Petrology, Volcanology, and Isotope Geochemistry.

Research Interests: Isotope Geochemistry, Igneous Petrology, Geochemical Modeling, Mass Spectrometry, Tectonics

Research Areas: Petrogenesis of igneous rocks; U-Th disequilibrium; ND, SR, Pb and O isotope and trace element geochemistry; chemical geodynamics; East Asian geology; time scales of magma chamber processes; volcanology; quantitative geochemical modeling; mass spectrometry, including thermalionization, secondary-ionization, and plasma-ionization mass spectrometry.

More specific research interests are given as follows.

  • Active Volcanology
  • Magma Generation and Geodynamics
  • Geochemical Modeling
  • Paleoclimates
  • Sandstone Provenance

Research Interests

  1. Chemistry and Petrology of the Earth and Planets
  2. Mathematical Modelling

More specific research interests are given as follows

  1. Petrology and Chemistry of the Earth and Planets
  2. Geochemical Modeling
  3. Paleoclimates Constrained from Hard Rocks
Geology, Geography
PhD, Florida State University, Geology, 1999
MS, Nanjing University, China, Mineralogy/Petrology, 1989
BS, Nanjing University, China, Mineralogy/Petrology, 1986
geography geology