Research Areas: Space Plasma Physics

My research mainly focuses on energetic particle dynamics and wave-particle interaction in Earth’s magnetosphere. I have been extensively involved in data analysis and modeling of energetic particles in Earth’s radiation belts and ring current as well as space instrument development and mission design. My current research projects include: analysis and interpretation of particle and field data from a variety of satellites, e.g., Van Allen Probes, MMS, GOES, THEMIS, LANL-GEO, DEMETER, SAMPEX, and CubeSats; analysis and simulation of energy- and pitch angle-dependent dynamics of radiation belt electrons; analysis of the effects of solar wind/geomagnetic conditions on the radiation belt electron dynamics; analysis and simulation of deep penetration of energetic electrons and ions into the low L region and magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling effects; and the development of a high-energy-resolution relativistic electron telescope.

Ph. D., University of Colorado at Boulder, Aerospace Engineering Sciences, 2015
B.S., Peking University, China, Space Physics, 2011

Fred L. Scarf Award, American Geophysical Union, December 2017

The Outstanding Student Paper Award, American Geophysical Union, January 2016

The Prestigious Vela Fellowship, Los Alamos National Laboratory, May - July 2014

Department Fellowship, University of Colorado Boulder, 2011-2012