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Research Interests:

  • Gender, family, culture and lone parenting
  • Capabilities approaches to family poverty
  • Access to services for rural families with young children
  • Collaborative multi-disciplinary community service models
  • Qualitative and applied research approaches.

Research Projects:

  • Just in Time Parenting newsletter
  • Starting Physical Health Intervention Really Early
  • Fostering Social Emotional Competence through Tuning into Kids Parenting Education Program
  • Social Indicators for Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention
  • Responsible Research and Innovation Networked Globally.
  • Uncovering Promising Rural Practices for Early Childhood Educators Who Work with Families with Children with Developmental Delay and Disabilities.


  • Mama Bird
  • UnLocked Study
  • SaPHIRE Study
  • Responsible Research and Innovation' (RRI) Networked Globally
  • ​Social Indicators for Preventing Child Abuse in Alabama.

The Social Indicators Lab focuses on conditions of life and wellness for families with young children.

She focuses on social policy and planning for families, particularly rural families and families who experience marginalized circumstances due to income, inequality, racialization or settler colonialism.

Human Development
PhD, University of British Columbia, Planning, 2011
MA, University of Victoria, Studies in Policy and Practice, 2002
BA, University of Victoria, Psychology, 1986