Subject Areas:

  • Modeling/Control of Power Sources 
  • Piezoelectric Devices
  • High Powered Connectors
  • Solenoid Values
  • Tires 
  • PEM Fuel Cells
  • Batteries
  • Electric Motors

Research Interests:

  • Measurement of heat generation rate and entropy coefficient.
  • Improvement of 2D thermal models.
  • Estimation of SOC based on a reduced order electrochemical and aging model along with sigma point Kalman filter.
  • Optimization of fast and safe charging methods.

Research Interests:

  • Research Capability for Lithium Batteries
    • Advanced controls: SOC and SOH estimation
    • Electrochemical model in time domain
    • Electrochemical model in frequency domain
    • Degradation
    • Fast Charging (FC) Algorithm
    • Measurement of Heat generation rate
    • Online parameter estimation

Research Projects:

  1. Characterization of Heat Generation in Large Format Pouch Cells.
  2. Development of a fast charging algorithm based on electrochemical and thermal reduced model.
  3. Development of Ultrafast charging Algorithm for a high power battery module.
  4. Development of On-line Monitoring Algorithm for Lithium-ion Battery Systems.
  5. Testing of battery disconnection units.
  6. Development of advanced SOC and SOH algorithms for AGM lead acid battery.
  7. Investigation of High Frequency Voltage and Current Ripples Effect on Lithium-Ion Polymer (Li-P) Cells.
  8. Development of advanced algorithms for lead acid battery.
  9. Development of SOC Algorithms for Lead Acid Battery.
  10. Development of a Reduced Order Model (ROM) of electrochemical thermal model.
  11. Development of a chip for ultra-accurate prediction of drive range of battery electric vehicle using electrochemical thermal model.
  12. Development of SOH algorithms based on a reduced order of electrochemical and thermal model.
Mechanical Engineering
PhD, Technical University of Berlin, Germany, Electrical Engineering, 1991
BA, Han-yang University, South Korea, 1981
mechanical engineering scientific instrumentation fuel cells
Chinese, Classical, English, German, Korean