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Effects of Prolonged Wrist Flexion on Transmission of Sensory Information in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
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Low back pain among residential carpenters: ergonomic evaluation using OWAS and 2D compression estimation.
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Machining Performance and Health Effects of Cutting Fluid Application in Drilling of A390.0 Cast Aluminum Alloy
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Job Level Risk Assessment Using Task Level ACGIH Hand Activity Level TLV Scores: A Pilot Study
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Job level risk assessment using task level strain index scores: a pilot study.
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Comparison of ergonomic risk assessment outputs from Rapid Upper Limb Assessment and the Strain Index for tasks in automotive assembly plants.
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Evaluation and quantification of manual materials handling risk factors.
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Fatal injuries to teenage construction workers in the US
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Impact of the OSHA trench and excavation standard on fatal injury in the construction industry.
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Evaluation and refinement of ergonomic survey tools to evaluate worker risk of cumulative trauma disorders (Dissertation)
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