Research Interests:

  • Occupational Safety & Ergonomics
  • Human Performance in Evacuation
  • System Safety Engineering
  • Work Measurement
  • Work Physiology

Keywords:  Occupational Safety , Ergonomics , Human Factors, Time Study ,ADA ,FLSA

A professor member of ASSE, Jerry specializes in the area of work measurement, methods engineering, occupational safety and systems safety.

Specific research topic areas that I am interested in are:

  • Personal Protective Equipment (design effectiveness, evaluation & compliance issues), particularly helmets and back belts.
  • Biomedical Engineering (biomechanics, physiological response to varying workplace designs, and the application of current relevant biomedical techniques to the ergonomics field).
  • Training effectiveness & response regarding ergonomics & safety.
  • Impact of the aging workforce on existing standards and work measurement practices, and workplace design.
  • NORA objectives pertaining to occupational ergonomics and safety.
  • Manpower and productivity issues associated with municipalities.
  • Donning, Doffing and modeling of PPE and sanitation equipment.
Past Affiliations
Industrial Engineering
PhD, Auburn University, Industrial and Systems Engineering, 2001
MEd, Auburn University, Kinesiology, 1996
MS, Auburn University, Industrial and Systems Engineering, 1996
BS, University of South Carolina, Mechanical Engineering, 1988
industrial engineering