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Unlocking the Capabilities of Future High-Resolution X-ray Spectroscopy Missions Through Laboratory Astrophysics
Betancourt-Martinez, GabrieleBetancourt-Martinez, GabrieleAkamatsu, HirokiAkamatsu, HirokiBarret, DidierBarret, DidierBautista, ManuelBautista, ManuelBernitt, SvenBernitt, SvenBianchi, StefanoBianchi, StefanoBodewits, DennisBodewits, DennisBrickhouse, NancyBrickhouse, NancyBrown, Gregory VBrown, Gregory VCostantini, ElisaCostantini, ElisaCoreno, MarcelloCoreno, MarcelloLópez-Urrutia, José R. CrespoLópez-Urrutia, José R. CrespoCumbee, RenataCumbee, RenataEckart, MeganEckart, MeganFerland, GaryFerland, GaryFiore, FabrizioFiore, FabrizioFogle, MichaelFogle, MichaelFoster, AdamFoster, AdamGarcia, JavierGarcia, JavierGorczyca, TomGorczyca, TomGrinberg, VictoriaGrinberg, VictoriaGrosso, NicolasGrosso, NicolasGu, LiyiGu, LiyiGu, Ming FengGu, Ming FengGuainazzi, MatteoGuainazzi, MatteoHell, NatalieHell, NatalieHerder, Jan-Willem denHerder, Jan-Willem denKaastra, JelleKaastra, JelleKallman, TimothyKallman, TimothyLee, JuliaLee, JuliaLeutenegger, MauriceLeutenegger, MauriceMarler, JoanMarler, JoanMcCammon, DanMcCammon, DanNakashima, ShinyaNakashima, ShinyaNicastro, FabrizioNicastro, FabrizioPaerels, FritsPaerels, FritsPajot, FrançoisPajot, FrançoisPointecouteau, EtiennePointecouteau, EtiennePorquet, DelphinePorquet, DelphinePorter, F. ScottPorter, F. ScottSavin, Daniel WolfSavin, Daniel WolfSawada, MakotoSawada, MakotoShah, ChintanShah, ChintanSimionescu, AuroraSimionescu, Aurorade Simone, Monicade Simone, MonicaSosolik, ChadSosolik, ChadStancil, PhillipStancil, PhillipSteinbrügge, RenéSteinbrügge, RenéYamaguchi, Hiroya and Yamaguchi, Hiroya
2019-03-19. | Journal Article
Momentum-imaging apparatus for the study of dissociative electron attachment dynamics.
Moradmand, AWilliams, J BLanders, A L and Fogle, Michael
The Review of scientific instruments, vol. 84, (no. 3), pp. 033104, 2013/Mar. | Journal Article
Electron-Impact Dissociation of CD3+ and CH3+ Ions Producing CD2+, CH+ and C+ Fragment Ions
Bahati Musafiri, EricFogle, MichaelVane, CBannister, MarkThomas, R. and Zhaunerchyk, Vitali
Physical Review A, vol. 79, (no. 5), pp. 52703, 2009-01-01. | Journal Article
Electron-Impact Ionization of B
Berengut, J.Berengut, J.Loch, S.Loch, S.Pindzola, MichaelPindzola, MichaelBallance, C.Ballance, C.Griffin, D.Griffin, D.Fogle, MichaelFogle, MichaelBannister, Mark and Bannister, Mark
Physical Review A, vol. 78, (no. 1), 2008-01-01. | Journal Article
Electron-Impact Ionization of C+ in Both Ground and Metastable States
Ludlow, J.Ludlow, J.Loch, S.Loch, S.Pindzola, MichaelPindzola, MichaelBallance, C.Ballance, C.Griffin, D.Griffin, D.Bannister, MarkBannister, MarkFogle, Michael and Fogle, Michael
Physical Review. A, vol. 78, (no. 5), 2008-01-01. | Journal Article
Dielectronic recombination of lithiumlike beryllium: A theoretical and experimental investigation
Ali Mohamed, TarekNikolić, DraganLindroth, EvaMadžunkov, StojanFogle, MichaelTokman, Maria and Schuch, Reinhold
Physical Review A, vol. 66, pp. 022719, 2002. | Journal Article